Radha Mohan 10th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Radha realizes that Gungun did not hit Pari Dadi with her car

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Mohan asks why is Gungun laughing, she replies seeing them both fighting as they look good together and when Radha Mohan are together then they are hit, Mohan asks what is she going to drink but Radha says he should let her go inside and does not even listen to him explaining there should be someone to handle the situation, Gungun says even she will accompany hr but Radha refuses at first however then agrees to her decisions, they both head into the hut while Mohan is standing against the window. Radha asks Gungun to look there and they start searching, Radhika wonders where can the hard disk be present, Gungun informs it might be with the box, so they start looking for it. Mohan goes to stand in front of the shop asking if they finished, he even knocks but they both donot give an answer which worries him and then he hears the sirens of the police vans so Mohan rushes to hide, the constable gets out with the inspector who says it is locked so suggests they should dial the number.

Yug in the house wonders where is Radhika as she is neither answering his call and so wonders why do they keep it, the phone rings which worries Radhika as she feels someone is outside, the Inspector tries to listen to it while Radhika is trying her best to close it, Inspector informs he can hear the phone of someone and believes they are inside so orders the constable to break it the lock, Mohan thinks if constable breaks the lock then Radha and Gungun would be caught so he has to do something to protect them, Gungun says they are breaking the lock and what if they are not able to find the hard drive. Mohan walks into he Inspector who asks if he is blind, Mohan starts acting how is he talking like this to him, Radha realizes he is Mohan jee, Inspector threatens to lock up when Mohan asks if he is obligated to talk like this, he says he is old so does not have proper eye sight, Mohan explains his ancestors used to fight the British while the women would fight amongst themselves, Inspector asks him to leave otherwise he would be locked up, Mohan says they would have to hear some verses from him as he is a very famous poet, so if he does not recite the poems in the events then they donot start. Mohan starts saying the verses while the Inspector is very irritated by it, Mohan is worried when the inspector orders the constables to break the lock so Mohan says he used to say the verse under the eiffel tower but the inspector threatens to lock him up in jail so Mohan gets aside, Gungun says they are breaking the lock and what if they are not able to find the hard disk, Radha prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee for help saying the hard disk is very important for them but if they are not able to find it then Gungun would be in a very big trouble, Radha wonders where is it out of frustration when she sees the hard disk is under the laptop and so they try their best to remove it however donot succeed, Mohan also thinks only Ba Kai Bihari jee can save both Radha and Gungun.

Radha and Gungun keep pulling the hard disk when the constable is able to break the lock and opening the door they both are about to enter the shop, Radha asks Gungun to run and they both climb out of the back window while the Inspector goes to search for it, he si stunned seeing the laptop and goes to the window but is not able to see anyone, inspector says he was right to suspect that someone came here to steal the hard drive, he says even the fake poet was involved in ti so he orders them to start the car.

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Mohan stops his car when both Gungun and Radha meet him, he thanks Radha for doing this all for Gungun as only her Ramaa could have done it, just like she used to take care of her in the childhood and she has done the same today, he is sure that nothing can happen to Gungun until she is by her side, Mohan thanks Radha a lot, and then he hugs her but Radha does not move away from him but instead recalls how she would hug him in Varandhwan, she also raises her hands to embrace Mohan tightly with a smile on her face recalling about the beautiful moments spent together. They both are smiling, but Radha suddenly realizes so she gets back from him, then Gungun says that the couple of Radha Mohan is not hit but super hit, Mohan also hugs Gungun while having a smile on his face. Gungun asks how did papa manage the get up, Mohan says the things for the fancy dress was in the car which he used then he asks them both to sit in the car and even removes the that along with the fake beard.

Mohan along with Gungun and Radha are seeing the footage and see how a girl has hit Dadi but then he says they can clearly see in the footage that she hit Pari Dadi so why did she lie, Gungun tries to plead for her innocence but Mohan says they are going to tell the truth to the police, Mohan gets up holding the hand of Gungun but Radha stops Mohan explaining Gungun is telling the truth that she is innocent. She asks him to come and see it, she shows him the footage but Mohan does not understand, Radha reveals the girl in the footage is not Mohan and does he not remember that the right side tail light of his car broke but it is perfect in the video, Mohan agrees with Radha mentioning this is not his car, Radha says the girl in this video is also not their Gungun which means someone is trying to blame Gungun and used a matching car like him to cause the accident in front of the camera, so they can blame her. Mohan agrees saying that it is Yug, Radha replies she is also feeling the same but would not reach to any conclusion until she finds solid proof because Yug stood by her side when she was alone, he replies Yug is also the father of her child. Radha gets up to leave when Mohan apologizes so Radha says she cannot hear anything against Yug without the proof and she is going to find the person who is trying to harm her. Radha gets up to leave. Gungun asks him if he is serious, Mohan replies he kept playing the song while Radha married Yug, Gungun starts smiling when Mohan asks her if she is not even a bit tensed as she is about to be arrested.

Radha entering the room sees Yug trying to make sure Manan sleeps, she calls him but Yug informs that Manan went to sleep after a lot of struggle. Yug walking out with Radhika says that he has lost a very beautiful relation today and does not know who is going to give him that love, he says he needed her in that moment and where was she for the entire day, Radhika replies she went to have a cigarette, Yug questions why is she joking with him, she replies he also did the same because he told the police that he goes there to smoke but he cannot do it due to asthma, Radhika asks then why did he lie, Yug is shocked.