Radha Mohan 10th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Devika plans to force Radha to confess her crime

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Radha tells Gungun she is not by her side so she must not only take care of herself but even her father, she further suggests Gungun must not do anything that will make Damini suspect that they both re on her side. Mohan promises that now the plan of Damini is going to fail since they all are on the same side revealing Radha, Mohan and even Gungun, Tulsi exclaims she is also on their side. Gungun explains when Radha and Mohan are together they are hit but super hit if Gungun is also on their side. However Shekar coming from behind explains they must take care of Damini later but worry about protecting Radha right now. The constable comes advising Radha to hide the movie since her senior is coming on a round.

Radha and Shanti both act as if they are sleeping when Mohan and Gungun keep calling her, the lady constable asks Radha to end the call quickly. Shekar explains Radha made a very big mistake by losing her temper since he is sure Devika would use this against her, he shows the video from the CCTV footage but Mohan defends Radha explaining he will tell everyone in the court that he was about to slap Gungun so Radha protected her but Shekar says that the court only believes in the prof, he further reveals that Devika is a very good lawyer so even shows that she has made a recording, he explains this CCTV footage does not have any audio but the one made by Devika would surely have one and he is sure she will use it to her advantage.

Damini is looking at the footage in which Radha is heard saying that she will kill anyone if she does not get Mohan, Damini explains that Radha has not said anything of the sort as she can never think of harming Gungun, Devika explains this is her mind and a little bit of editing, Damini realizes it and some explains that she would be trying to prove that Radha is violent and murdered Tulsi, Devika says there is even someone else who would be thinking the same situation, Damini asks about it. Devika says one of her source told her that someone asked for the footage in which it can be seen that she is making the video but that person does not that she will not be showing it tomorrow however Radha will accept her crime by herself hearing which Damini is shocked, Devika says she heard it right as Radha would accept she is the one who murdered Tulsi, Damini explains that she will never accept it when Devika says this is why Damini gave her such a hefty payment. Damini getting irritated says why would Radha accept it when she has not done anything of the sort hearing this Devika is shocked so asks what did Damini just say, she says she meant that Radha will never accept the truth. Devika shows the abortion report of City hospital when Damini does not understand how will this report help them.

Shekar explains the letters have the same handwriting and even the forensic expert have proved it to be the same as Tulsi, Shekar says they do not even have any fingerprint of Tulsi, Radha realizing it explains that if this is the case then she is sure Tulsi would come to save her. Tulsi says that Radha must not tell anyone the truth about her, Radha says Mohan would realize the truth, she asks if Gungun knows about their plan so she agrees to leave when Mohan decides to come with her, Gungun says she has her Ramaa and if Damini sees them both together then would get suspicious, Shekar agrees with Gungun who leaves. Shekar asks Mohan if Gungun can actually help them as she is just a child, Mohan explains she is the child of Mohan and Radha, and he knows she is very intelligent as it is not something very easy to lose a mother, since it cause a lot of pain. Mohan explains Radha can fight anyone for Radha and he is sure that Gungun would surely win this fight, he is not able to understand what Radha and Gungun are planning to do. Tulsi also gets very tensed but prays that they both should be fine.

Kaveri is constantly trying to call Damini wondering why did she not come back till now, she gets really irritated but then sees the door opening so feels that she has returned however sees Gungun who is even smiling. Kaveri is shocked to see that Gungun answered a call and quickly ran away so thinks tat Gungun kept crying when Radha was arrested but she is smiling. Kaveri wonders what has happened and she needs to think where did she go so late at night and all alone, she wonders if Gungun does not get scared, she is sure thee is something wrong so follows to check.

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Gungun enters her room while still being on the call with Radha who advises her to open the green trunk of toys, she further informs there will be some photos under all the toys, Radha asks her to hurry up so Gungun finally finds the photo frame, kaveri is shocked while looking at them from the door while Radha asks Gungun to quickly place it in the bag and leave. Kaveri is stunned thinking about the voice of Radha so wonders if she called Gungun, realizing it means they both have mended their relations. Kaveri wonders what is she doing, she hears Gungun say that Radha would be released and come back to the house. Kaveri wonders where is her daughter Damini, she thinks she is the one who would have to snatch it from her. Tulsi then stops Kaveri who gets shocked, Tulsi explains she knew Kaveri would never mend her ways but she forgot that no one can harm her daughter, Tulsi raises Kaveri up towards the ceiling, Radha stops Gungun saying she felt as if someone is following her. Kaveri wonders what has Tulsi done to her since she cannot say anything. Radha informs she has seen a shadow behind her however Gungun is not able to find anyone and informs Ramaa there is no one here so Gungun leaves.

Tulsi then releases Kaveri who falls straight on the floor, she starts screaming from pain calling Tulsi who explains now this ghost will teach her humanity, saying how did Kaveri think that Gungun is not safe if Radha is not around her but Kaveri must not forgot that one of Gungun’s mother never leaves her side. Tulsi angrily pulls Kaveri pushing her into the room, Tulsi says she warned Kaveri to not inflict any pain to Gungun so now she must suffer the consequence, Tulsi keeps slapping kaveri in the room who is screaming form pain however Tulsi does not stop. Kaveri tries to run out of the room however Tulsi strangles her with the jumping rope so Kaveri is not able to breathe properly. Tulsi says no one can stop Mohan and Gungun in their effort to bring back Radha in this house. Tulsi once again starts slapping Kaveri who after a while falls on the floor.

Gungun is walking in the hall with the bag towards the door, Radha asks her to be calm so that no one should see her, Gungun finally leaves the house while Radha prays to Ba kai Bihari jee to support her Gungun. The lady constable asks Radha to hide the phone, Shanty quickly snatches it from Radha placing it under the pillow, the officer asks what is going on here when Shanty says she was missing her daughter so they were consoling her. The officer turns to leave but Gungun says where is Radha as she cannot see her, the officer turns so Radha starts crying calling to her own mother but the lady constable warns her to behave otherwise she would make an example out of her. The lady constable leaves Radha along with the lady constable are relieved, she asks Radha to quickly end her discussion otherwise they would get in a lot of problem. Radha appreciates them both.

Gungun shows the photo frame to Mohan, who looking at it mentions it is their fingerprints and they had it made on their first wedding anniversary, he completely forgot about it. Radha informs she found them after cleaning the room of Gungun, Shekar asks if Radha has touched it, she replies she never touched them. Mohan says this frame has never been opened, he says to Shekar how he told him that Radha and Gungun can do anything. Tulsi is also glad as she can help them even when she is not present here, Shekar explains now they are going to show the fingerprints of Tulsi which will not match, he tells Gungun now they would be able to help Radha, she says her name is Ramaa so Shekar agrees, he leaves to set a forensic test. Tulsi prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee for all his help. Mohan informs Gungun now nothing can stop them from being together and assures there is no way which can be a hurdle in their desire to protect Radha, Mohan keeps smiling looking at Radha who is also relieved.