Rabb Se Hai Dua 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Gulnaz & Gazal get united against Dua


Rabb Se Hai Dua 7th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Dua tells Haider that they can’t separate, they are made to be together forever. Haider sadly looks at her and starts moving towards her but Gazal comes inbetween and screams that Hina has locked herself in the room.. what if she does anything and harm herself? Dua tries to talk to Haider but he says my mother needs me, he rushes from there. Gazal smirks as Dua cries. Hafeez consoles Dua, she says I have to prove my innocence.. I have to talk to Dadi. She goes from there, Gulnaz hears that. She goes to her room but can’t find her there, she calls her but she doesn’t pick up. Otherside Gulnaz has Dadi’s phone and says Dua can’t win today as its about my son, she tells Noor that I have sent Dadi to mosque to pray for our family’s peace, you have to go there and don’t let her come back till I say so, Noor nods and leaves.

Haider comes to Hina’s room and sees her shivering in a corner. Hina cries and says Dua will get me arrested again. Haider says don’t worry, I am with you. He talks about his childhood and says remember when I used to be scared, you would tell me to trust you.. you have to trust me now. Hina cries and says your Dua didn’t do right with me. I got beaten up because of her, it pained me so much, she killed my honor, I can’t leave this room now, people will laugh at me. I told you this girl is not right but you didn’t listen to me. This woman is evil, she took away everything from us and that Gazal took a stand for us but Dua always blamed her. She even got Ruhaan arrested, if Dua stays here more then we will all die. Haider asks her to calm down. Hina says you have to take Dua away from us. Haider says no family member has to live with Dua anymore. Hina says that’s a good decision. Haider thinks its better for Dua to leave, not only for family but for herself too, we all did injustice with Dua and I am taking my mother’s side and being cruel to Dua.. we don’t deserve Dua and Hina was wrong to hurt her. Hina says you have to promise that Dua will leave? he says yes. Hina says she will blind you again, you have to promise that we won’t have to live with her. He says I promise. Hina says you break your promise then I will kill myself. Haider says I won’t break my promise. He starts to leave but Hina stops him and says you have to promise another thing.. I might die soon but I want to see your baby with Gazal, I want to see our heir before I die. Haider says you will live a long life so don’t worry. Gazal hides and hears all that.. she thinks Haider has to come near me for this family’s heir.

Gulnaz says Haider didn’t listen to Dua but if Dadi gives a statement against Dua then Haider will accept it, I can’t let her come home. Noor calls her and says I found Dadi but she wants to come back home. Gulnaz says you have to keep her there for your brother. She ends the call. Gazal comes there and says it doesn’t matter if Dadi comes back or not but Ruhaan will be saved and Dua has to leave. Gulnaz says what are you doing here? Gazal says our enemy is same so lets make a deal? Gulnaz says I am not a fool to shake hands with you. Gazal says it will benefit you, we will destroy Dua’s life. Gulnaz says you think Dua is my enemy so I will become friends with you? you are a snake so get lost. Gazal shouts to stay in her limits, you are disloyal as you went against me, what did you get by being on Dua’s side? your son is in jail because of Dua. Do you want to take revenge from Dua or not? once Dua leaves the house then I will own this house and have all the power so think if you want to go against me? you didn’t get anything by being with pious Dua so now try an evil me now? She starts to leave but Gulnaz stops her and says I am ready to make a deal with you but you promise to free Ruhaan? Gazal says for sure, like you hid the gun, I will hide this case. Gulnaz shakes hands with her as a deal.

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Dua looks at the divorce papers and says my Haider can’t divorce me, he has to find out that Ruhaan wants to kill him. She calls Ravi and says I don’t know where Dadi is, she is my witness so please go and find her, he says sure and ends the call. Gulnaz comes there and says what drama is this now? Dua says Dadi is going to tell the truth to Ruhaan. Gulnaz says you want to poison Haider’s heart against Ruhaan. Dua says I am trying to save Ruhaan from committing a crime but I wish you could have controlled your son. Gulnaz gets angry and is about to slap her but Dua grabs it and says stay in your limits otherwise I will punish you for all your deeds. Gazal comes there and says Gullo is my friend so don’t you dare try to hurt her. Dua says Gullo? you don’t have your own mother that’s why you have no manners. She tells Gulnaz that I am not scared of you both, Haider will find the truth and Ruhaan will be exposed. Gazal laughs and says soon you are going to leave the house. Dua says you have not guts. Gazal says I am Haider’s wife. Dua says his 2nd wife, he doesn’t love you but married you as a compromise. Gazal says but still I am his wife, not like you whose husband left her and gave divorce to her. Gulnaz says we should stay away from her, she asks Dua to get lost. Dua says I haven’t divorced Haider so I am not leaving. Rahat comes there and says you have to leave. Dua is hurt hearing that.

The episode ends.