Rabb Se Hai Dua 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Hina goes home


Rabb Se Hai Dua 7th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Gazal comes to Hina’s room but she’s not there. Gazal says where did she go? If she recalls everything she will tell someone. She asks the doctor where is my mom? He says her husband and son took her home. We gave permission. She says you idiot. She should be wit me. Why did you send it without my permission? The doctor says shut up. mind your language. You were begging me yesterday. Gazal says I am sorry. I am worried about my mom. He says go home and take care of her. Gazal says to Ijaz we’ve to go home. He says see this first. He shows Hina is with the media. Hina says to the media what is this all? This is my Dua. My daughter. She’s innocent. She’s not my culprit, she’s my peace. She is my blessing. I am lucky to have a daughter like her. Gazal is shocked. Hina says she’s my friend too. She’s always there for me. She takes care of me. She’s my blessing. How can you accuse and jail my blessing? Rahat says yes she’s our daughter. Hina says Dua can never harm me. She’s always there taking care of me. I don’t want to see tears in your eyes Dua. Hina hugs Dua. Dua says you don’t have to suffer anymore. Don’t worry about the world we’re all with you. Hina says my Dua is innocent. She’s not harmed me. My culrpit will be behind the bars soon. I will expose that murder soon.

Ijaz says to Gazal your game is over. No one can stop you from going to jail now. Hina will soon give her statement. The doctor hears it. Gazall looks home. He says did you see this video? You accused Hina. Why si Hina favoring Dua? You fooled us. You lied to the police. We stood with you and gave the wrong statement. What are you hiding? Gazal says I don’t know why Ammi is saying it. I showed you her recording too. My mom is not mentally stable. The doctor says if you’re lying I will give a statement against you. Gazal says I am standing for the truth. I will prove who’s wrong. Please don’t give any statement for now. He leaves. Ijaz says soon they will send you to your mom. Gazal slaps him and says don’t dare to take my mom’s name. I am not a coward like you. She says I will take my revenge and make Haider mine. Hina has to die. Ijaz says I won’t go there.

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Scene 2
Gulnaaz opens the door. It’s Gazal. Gulnaaz says why are you here? Get out. Gazal says ammi where are you? Gulnaaz says get out. Gazal says this is my house. You can’t ask me to leave. Gulnaaz picks her up and shoves her out. Dua and Haider came there. Dua says she’s a beggar. let her come in. Gazal says you think I am a beggar. Dua says we gave you sympathy as a beggar. What else do you want? Gulnaaz says we can give her old clothes. It will help you. Dadi says we can donate her some food. Dua says you like wearing my worn-off things right? Gazal is about to slap her. Hamida holds her hand and says your hands are weak. Keep them in control. Gulnaaz says breaking her hand. Ruhaan says we can kill her. Who will know? Gazal says if you touch me, you will all go to jail. They’re all with me. Ruhaan says there’s no one with you. Ijaz can be bought with money. You will take revenge for all that you’ve done. You have to die today. Gazal is scared. Gazal says you can’t do that. Dadi says it’s self defense. You can harm us. You’ve to die. Qainaat says she tried to kill my mom and my child. Ruhaan says she ruined my life. Gulnaaz says it’s our turn to take revenge.

Episode ends