Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua tells Haider she won’t divorce him


Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Haider tells the family that I have decided to divorce Dua but I won’t bear anyone insulting her, he tells Dua that you sent me and Hina to the jail because we did wrong but why did you get Ruhaan arrested? you acted like his mother but this is your real face? Dua cries and says Ruhaan is my brother but I had to do it.. this is all happening because of Gazal, she complained to the police against Hina. Gazal says shut up… why would I send Ammi to jail? I worked so hard to free her. Dua says enough.. she tells Haider that this girl will destroy everything, she has filled Ruhaan’s mind against you. Haider says stop it.. you are saying that you didn’t call but Gazal called the police? Dua says yes. He says you are lying, why would Kaynaat go against you? she heard you calling the police so is she lying? Dua says she isn’t but.. Haider says even if I agree that you didn’t call the police but when I asked you to take the complaint back then you told the police to arrest Hina. Dua says yes but.. Haider says stop making up stories, our relationship is irrepairable, I tried a lot but I can’t be blinded of the truth. You gave me so many punishments and I agreed to all of them because I did injustice with you but why are you punishing my mother? you have no idea what I had to see, they were beating up Hina and I couldn’t do anything. You know you have destroyed Ruhaan’s future by filing an FIR against him, I thought you would protect my family at all cost, I thought you were an angel but you are a selfish woman who destroyed my family. I couldn’t be a good husband but at least let me be a good son and brother. I have to save Ruhaan and I can’t be with you anymore. My last wish for you is to leave the house. Dua says I did everything to protect you, Ruhaan wanted to kill you. Gazal asks her to shut up, you have done a lot and still making up stories. Where is the gun you talked about? Gulnaz says she is cooking fake stories. Haider tells Dua that I want to end everything between us. I want divorce from you legally now. You want to get everything right? then go ahead and live your life alone now. Gazal smirks and thinks my dreaming is coming true. Dua says I know you are angry but you can’t be separated from me.. you always took my side and our relationship can’t break like this. Do you really want to divorce me? ask your heart. She says this family is mine too, you can’t undermine my love, you love me right? She grabs his face and says please say it, say that you love me right? Haider looks in her eyes and says I don’t love you. Dua is hurt hearing that and says that can’t be true, ask your heart if you really don’t love me? Haider says I don’t love you. He picks up divorce papers and gives the pen to her. He asks her to sign them and free herself. Gazal smirks and thinks my love story will start now. Dua gets dizzy hearing that, Dua asks Kaynaat to stop her brother but she pulls away from her. She says you think I will support you after everything? you deserve this only, he is being a good son and I am with him. Dua rushes to Rahat and asks him to stop Haider, he can’t divorce her. Rahat says you started this storm so no one can stop it, you sent my family to jail so I can’t take your side. Dua says you will soon realize that I did the right thing. Haider says Dua will never accept her mistake. He gives her the papers and asks her to sign them to end everything. He starts leaving from there but Dua stops him and says you think this relationship can end so easily? we promised to be together forever? you think our memories will vanish by signing these papers? our promises will die by signing it? You know we can’t live without each other, these papers can’t separate us. We can never separate. Haider sadly looks at her, they both recall their moments together. They start moving towards each other, mein phir bhi tumko chahungi plays.

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The episode ends.