Rabb Se Hai Dua 5th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua gets arrested


Rabb Se Hai Dua 5th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Inspector tells Dua she’s under arrest for provoking Hina to commit suicide. Haider says you can’t do that. She says you won’t teach me the law. Haider says we have her bail already. She says don’t act innocent. Hina has confessed herself. We have to arrest her. Everyone is shocked. Haider says you can’t do that. She says don’t come between laws. He says my Dua is innocent. The inspector says I will rest you too. Your mom accused Dua. Haider says arrest me too then. Dua says what are you saying. You have to be there for ammo. He says I’ve promised to stand by you. Hina cries and says, Haider. Why are you arresting her? Gazal says don’t worry ammi. Haider wants to go with Dua. Hina says it’s all Dua’s fault, not my son’s. He’s innocent. He’s my life. Hina faints.

The Isnpector says says arrest both of them. Gazal says you can’t arrest my Haider. Haider says don’t dare to call me yours. I was never yours. Stop this. She says I was saying for you. He says he doesn’t care about me. you’re a demon. Hina says Haider.. don’t take him. How can he go? Dua says don’t worry ammi. Hina shoves her. She says you’re responsible for this. You ruined my family. The doctor says this stress isn’t good for her. Dua says let me talk to my husband. Dua says to Haider you’ve to stay here for Ammi and me. I have done no sin. He says I can’t let you suffer anymore. Haider says I can’t leave you alone. Dua says I know you love me but you’ve to stay here for Ammi. We’ve to be here to find out the truth. We’ve to keep Gazal away from Ammi. Please. Haider says I feel so helpless. He cries. Dua says don’t worry about me. Take care of Ami. Haider hugs her. Dua tells the inspector you can arrest me. Ruhaan says you’ve done nothing wrong. He hugs her. Dua says the real culprit will be behind bars. Don’t worry. Haider says we will get Dua back home soon.

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Gazal says take her dragging from here. So people know what people like her deserve. Haider says please don’t. She says I’ve to make her wear handcuffs. Dua says it’s okay. The inspector makes Dua wear handcuffs. dua says wearing them doesn’t make anyone a culprit. They arrest Dua. Haider says to Gazal, you will have to pay back for this. You can’t even imagine. I will save Dua either way. Ruhaan says I won’t leave her alive. Gazal says save me, please. This guy is crazy. He will harm me. The doctor says Ruhaan has been threatening her many times. He said many times he would kill her. And Dua wants Hina to die. I’ve been seeing it with my eyes. The inspector says now we’ve a witness too. The inspector arrests Dua.

Hina says Dua.. don’t take her. Gazal is shocked to hear that. Hina says Dua.. Gazal says don’t worry ammi. Dua will pay for all the sins she did to you. Police takes Dua.

Precap: Dua is in lockup. Reporters walk in and start speaking about Dua, how she compelled her own mother in law to commit suicide. Haider says to Gazal, you must be happy by sending Dua inside jail but I swear on her, I’ll bring her out by end of the day and spoil your plan.

Update Credit t: Atiba