Rabb Se Hai Dua 4th September 2023 Written Episode Update: The family blames Dua for everything


Rabb Se Hai Dua 4th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Haider tells Dua that she is one of those woman who can destroy a family for her gain, you did all this. I know I hurt you by marrying another woman and you could have punished me but why are you punishing my family? you shouldn’t have done this with my mother.. look at her condition, look at her wounds. They were beating her up and I couldn’t do anything.. because of you. I always protected my mother but she is living in fear today because of you. I had so much power but today my hands are shivering. I loved Ruhaan like my child but he is behind bars today and I couldn’t do anything. My soul is shivering seeing all that and I am in this condition because of you. I can’t even look at my brother because of you. He used to love you like a best friend and you did this with him? Dua says I am telling you the truth. Haider says he is my brother and innocent, I raised him and you think he wants to kill me? Dua says you will be hurting knowing the truth. He attacked me and wants to kill you.. Haider says enough, I won’t hear a word against Ruhaan otherwise I will not be able to control myself. Dua says you have to trust me. Haider says I always trusted you but not anymore, I am completely broken today because of you. Gazal smirks and thinks Dua lost Haider and his trust.. I will be with him now. Haider asks Gazal to take Rahat and Hina to the car. I will take the family in the other car. Gazal says what about Dua? how will she go home? Haider says she came here without me so she can leave without me. He goes from there. Dua cries seeing him go. Whole family leaves Dua. Hafeez and Ravi stay with her as she cries. Hafeez tells Dua that everything will be okay. Dua says things have messed up so much.

Gazal is in the car with Hina and Haider. She thinks Haider will never forgive Dua now.. my idea of calling the police station as Dua worked so well. Haider brings them home and asks them to go home, he has some work. Hina says no, I won’t leave you alone. Haider says I have some work. He gets out of the car and Rahat drives away. Haider thinks its time to take decisions.

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Scene 2
The family comes back home, Gulnaz is crying for Ruhaan. Gazal says people supported Dua so much but no one is speaking up now. This is all happening because of Dua. Rahat says I am angry at myself, how could I not recognize her real colors? Dua comes there with Hafeez. Hina gets scared seeing her and panics. Hina says she will call the police again. She tries to run away but Rahat stops her and says I am here for you. Hina says this woman is evil, she will get us all killed. She locks herself in the room. Dua tries to talk to Rahat but he says Hina is in this condition because of you, she took you as a mother and you did this with her? I slapped her because of you but you have slapped my honor. You got Ruhaan arrested when he takes you as a sister. Dua tries to talk but he asks her to shut up and says I leave everything on God.. he will do justice and make you pay for your deeds. Gulnaz says Hina was right, she trapped us with sweet words but she is a real snake. Kaynaat says I used to praise her like no other but I feel like a fool that I took stand for a cheap woman like her, I fought with my own mother for her, went against my brother but I feel like a fool to support a cheap woman like you. Hafeez says think of your relationship with her at least. Kaynaat says I have no relationship with her and have no hope for any new relationships. Hafeez is shocked and recalls his moments with Kaynaat. He tries to talk but Dua stops him and says let them take out their anger. Noor tells Dua that she did wrong by sending Hina to the jail and don’t know what’s happening with Ruhaan.. you are a bad woman. Gazal smirks and thinks all family members are against her today. Dua tells Gulnaz that you have seen everything, you know I want to save the family from Gazal. Gulnaz says wow.. you sent the family to the jail to save them? we can see your real face and know you are venomous.. Gazal is nothing in front of you. She cries for Ruhaan. Dua tries to talk but Haider comes there and says stop it. Dua looks on.

The episode ends.