Rabb Se Hai Dua 3rd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua finds out that Ruhaan tried to kill Haider


Rabb Se Hai Dua 3rd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Dua tells Gazal that she will throw her out of the house, how dare she attack her Haider and try to harm him. Hina is shocked to hear that. Gazal says she is going crazy, she didn’t attack Haider. Dua says I will break your face. Hina says stay away from her. Dua says what about your son? can’t you see her real face, she tried to kill Haider yesterday. Hina is shocked. Dua shows her the vase and shows her the bullet mark on it, she says we heard a noise yesterday and someone had shot Haider yesterday, she tried to kill Haider. Gazal thinks Ruhaan is digging her grave. Hina asks Dua to stop it, she glares at Gazal. Gazal says why would I try to hurt Haider? I love Haider a lot. Dua says you claimed to love Ruhaan too, she asks Hina to open her eyes and see the truth. Hina asks Gazal that you fell on Haider and lied to slip. What is the truth?? Gazal is scared and starts crying. She says I can see why Dua would doubt me but how can you doubt me? Gazal brings holy book (Quran) and says I promise I didn’t shoot Haider. Hina is convinced. Gazal says I was there so how I could shoot him? I love Haider so much. Dua is just finding reasons to throw me out of the house, she is crossing all limits. She tells Hina that she is hurt seeing her doubt her intentions. She says I will leave the house but Hina hugs her and consoles her. Hina says you won’t leave the house, I am not doubting you.. this Dua is a snake and is jealous of you. Dua thinks Gazal was there so who shot at Haider? who would try to harm him? everyone was there expect Ruhaan.. I can’t believe this. She leaves from there and thinks Ruhaan shot at him.

Dua is going to her room, Gulnaz calls her out but she doesn’t listen. Gulnaz hides and hears Gazal telling Hina that Dua will throw her out, she will take the house in her name and then throw us both out of the house. Gulnaz thinks what if Dua wants to throw everyone out of the house? she leaves. Gazal tells Hina that Dua wants to break us apart, she wants to get this house that’s why she tried to make you against me. Hina says you are right, we have to save our house from Dua. Gazal says don’t worry, she thinks she has to manage Ruhaan.

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Ruhaan is getting ready in his room, he starts leaving his room while Dua hides from him. Ruhaan feels someone is watching him and looks around, he doesn’t see anyone and leaves. Dua goes to his room and starts looking around. She cries and recalls Ruhaan loving Dua and Haider like a brother. She recalls Ruhaan threatening to kill Haider. Dua cries and says how can he try to kill Haider? Gazal has filled Ruhaan’s mind with hatred, I can’t let that happen. I have to find the gun that Ruhaan used. She starts looking around but Gulnaz comes there and asks what are you doing in Ruhaan’s room? Dua thinks she can’t tell her as she will go crazy. Gulnaz asks if she needed anything? Dua says I was just cleaning his room. Gulnaz says I will do it, go and rest. Dua leaves from there reluctantly.

Haider comes to Dua and asks her to sign the business papers, he says we are business partners so I need your permission in everything. Dua sadly looks at him, he asks if everything is okay? Dua hugs him tightly and cries. Haider asks what happened? Dua says what if anything happens to you? I will die.

Gulnaz thinks what was Dua searching for? I don’t trust her anymore. Gazal hides and hears that. She says I can’t believe that Gulnaz is doubting Dua now, Dua is going to lose her power now. I will get Ruhaan to kill Dua, he will go to jail and then Haider will be mine.

The episode ends.