Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua submits her designs in her name


Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Haider thanks Hamida for letting Dua work with him. Hamida tells Dua that your husband is an idiot for thanking me, you still think that I convinced Dua to work for you? Haider says I don’t think so, I know Dua was already working on the designs and I knew she would never let me and the workers down. I sleep outside her room and I saw her working all night on the designs. He brings out the designs and shows them to Hamida. He says no one can work like my Dua, she is so hardworking. He tells Dua that I knew you were working but I wanted you to show it to me, I am lucky to have a partner like you. Hamida says wow, I thought you are an idiot but you are smart.. I wish you were smart to not marry Gazal. You should regret for what you did, you still have time to make things right, she leaves. Dua tries to go behind her but Haider stops her and pins her to the wall. He smiles and folds his hands, he says why does your mother keep scolding me? I know she can but she shouldn’t in front of my younger siblings. Dua asks him to leave the room.

Ravi comes to the family and tells everyone that our work load is going to increase because we won the opening act of the bridal fashion week. All are surprised and happy. Haider pulls Dua up and spins her around, he says thank you for this, I can’t believe we did this. Hina congratulates Haider and blesses him. Haider says its because of your blessings. Ravi says we won because of Dua, she won it. Haider says yes, it doesn’t matter. Ravi says there is a difference. Dua recalls how Hamida told her to put her designs in the show as Dua designs instead of using Haider designs. The manager from the fashion show comes there and says we need signatures on the contract. Haider tries to sign but the manager goes to Dua and congratulates her on her designs. Haider says I am the owner of Haider designs. The manager says the designs were submitted from Dua Designs name. All are shocked. The manager says Dua will need to sign it as she won it. Hina takes the contract and says it has Dua’s name on it. How can this be as Haider Designs submitted it, she asks dua if she sent designs from her name? Hamida takes the contract from her and says yes.. she sent the designs from her name and her designs won. She asks Dua to sign the papers. Dua sees Haider standing there sadly so Hamida asks her to sign it and snatch her rights. Dua thinks she needs to do it to save Ruhaan from Gazal. She signs the contract while Haider looks on.

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The episode ends.