Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua gets Haider & Hina arrested


Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Haider gives divorce to Dua and all are shocked to hear that. Dua falls down and can’t believe it. Haider sits in front of her and they sadly look at each other. They recall their moments together. Haider says when you came in my life, I felt I like won in life, you have given me a lot of happiness and I have loved you more than anyone else. I can give my life for you but I don’t how come we are here. I know I did some mistakes but I don’t want to put you in more pain so I am breaking our relationship, I am breaking our bond of respect, love and honor. You are free from every relationship and promises from now on. Gazal can’t believe it and thinks she won in life, Dua got what she deserved. Haider is about to leave but Dua stops him. She gets up and says Mrs. Haider Akhtar, thank you for giving me love and support, thank you for trusting me and thank you for giving the gift of giving divorce to me but you should know as a Muslim that you can’t give 3 divorces together in one go, its a crime. You can divorce me in phases to complete it, what you did is a criminal offence. Gazal says he has a right to divorce you. Dua says you are illiterate, I said he has a right to divorce me but he has to follow the laws and religion. The inspector says she is right, its a crime to give divorce in one go otherwise he can be arrested. Dua says then why are you waiting? he did a crime so you can arrest him right now. Haider can’t believe and glares at her. Dadi asks Dua if she has gone crazy? she is sending her husband to jail? Dua says what husband? who broke everything and thought he is above me.. that he could divorce me and leave me with nothing. Gulnaz says she is a snake, she is sending Hina and Haider to jail. Kaynaat says I can’t believe you can be so cruel. Gazal thinks I can’t let Haider go to jail. I have to save him.

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Otherside the officers are outside Hina’s door and start breaking it. Haider tries to stop them but the inspector asks them to stay back. Gazal says please don’t do this. The officer breaks the door and they look around for Hina. Hina is hiding in the cupboard but the inspector finds her and bring her out. Hina cries and says I didn’t do anything. They drag her out and start taking her away from the house. Haider is pained seeing all that. Dadi says I don’t know what curse this is. Hina shouts that Dua has broken a mother’s heart, God will never forgive her. Dua thinks she can’t save her as she has to save Haider’s life. Haider thinks he can’t save her. The inspector says Haider will be arrested too, he gave instant divorces to Dua which is a crime. Gazal pleads with them to not do it but the inspector asks her to shut up. They arrest Haider and he sadly looks at Dua. Hina and Haider are taken from there. Dua thinks this was the only way to save Haider.

The episode ends.