Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update


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Dua tells Ruhan and Ravi that Gazal shouldn’t smell their plan. They assures her that they won’t let her know about it. Gazal and Eihchaaz noticed them leaving. Gazal asks him what’s going on? Eihchaaz says that it seems they are searching for them. Let’s hide from them. Dua says that she feels Gazal is hiding there. Gazal fears to get caught. They are checking them inside the store room. Gazal and Eihchaaz hiding under the bed. Ruhan mistakenly step on Eihchaaz hand. Gazal stops him from shouting by closing his mouth. Hafeez says to her that Gazal isn’t here. They leaves from there. Gazal says to Eihchaaz that whatever they plan to do. Dua is not able to save Hina. She says that today is the last day of Hina. Dua will go to jail. Hameeda makes Kaynaat drinks the juice. Dua says to Haider that no one eat anything since morning. She is going to home to cook something for them. Haider is about to accompany her. But she stops him by saying she will take Hafeez and Ravi along with her. She assures Haider that Hina will be alright. She asks Ruhan to be careful.

Gazal says to Eihchaaz that Dua isn’t aware what she is upto? She is helping them indirectly. She can remove two people from her life. Hina will die and Dua go to jail. Dua thinks that Gazal did a mistake by looking down on her. She may be thinking Dua is fool. She isn’t aware what she is upto? Ravi asks Dua if she thinking Gazal left an evidence here? Dua nodded to her. She asks Ruhan to keep an eye on Gazal and Eihchaaz. She will try to harm Hina. He shouldn’t leave from her side. Ruhan assures her. Gazal says to Eihchaaz that Dua may asked him to keep an eye on them. She shares her plan with him. Eihchaaz asks Gazal to eat something. They doesn’t care about her. Gazal says that she won’t leave Hina’s side. What if she gained her consciousness after she leaves. She wants to stay by her side. Kaynaat asks her to shut up. Hina’s family is with her. She doesn’t need Gazal by her side.

Gazal says to Kaynaat that they will try to kill Hina in her absence. She don’t trust them. Kaynaat says that she is a cunning person. Gazal says that Hina is in this state because of them. Kaynaat says that they are aware Gazal did something to her mom. When the truth is out they won’t leave her. Hameeda asks Kaynaat not to waste her time with Gazal. She is the right person for Gazal. She asks Gazal if she complaint against them in the police station? She will break her hand then she can’t make a phone call. Hameeda says that she will cut her tongue so she won’t talk nonsense anymore. She says that it’s a hospital. She doesn’t even know to keep silence here. Gazal asks her to stay away from her. If she tries to come near her then she will face the consequences. Hameeda says that she is aware of her true colors. Hameeda asks Gazal to have some dare to fight with them. Gazal threatens her. Haider stops Hameeda from slapping Gazal.

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Haider says to Hameeda that dog barks at them. We can’t do the same to it. Everyone laughs hearing it. Gazal says that she loved him and did everything for him. But he is comparing her with a dog. She says that still little love for him left in her heart. She will forget who he is to her? He mentioned her as a dog. She is still loving him. Gulnaaz says that she can’t find any difference between Gazal and a dog. Gazal threatens her. Ruhan shouts on her. Gazal threatens to call the police. They ends up arguing with each other. The nurse asks them to stop shouting. Haider asks them to behave themselves in the hospital. Ruhan says that he isn’t doing anything to Gazal. Haider says that he is waiting for the evidence. When Dua exposing Gazal he will kill her with his own hands. Haider says to Gazal that she is often saying she loves him. He hates her more than she loves him. He asks her to take her brother from here or else no one will be worst then me. Gazal leaves from there. Eihchaaz says to Gazal that we thought to kill Hina by diverting them. But not they don’t have a chance to do it. Gazal says that only Hina is able to reveal the truth to Haider. If Hina died then no one is able to reveal the truth to him. Meanwhile, Dua asked Ravi and Hafeez to search the each and every corner of the house to find the evidence against Gazal.

Precap: Dua says to herself, I’m sure we will get some evidence against Gazal in Ammi’s room. Gazal says I’ll mix this power in water and everyone will faint then I’ll kill Hina. Dua finds Hina’s ring and duppata and says she trapped her inside bed. Gazal says your Ammi won’t be alive Dua. Dua says to herself soon Ammi will get out of hospital and you will go to jail Gazal.