Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal blames Dua for her injured condition

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Scene 1
Haider tries to wake up Gazal and says I won’t let anything happen to you. Gazal wakes up and says I tried calling you but you didn’t come to save me. I wanted to tell you what cruelty is happening with me. My husband doesn’t even listen to me so anyone can beat me. You married me but you don’t care about me, I have no one so I should die. Haider says I am ashamed, I should have taken taken your call. How did this happen with you? Gazal says I won’t tell you, I should die. Haider says just tell me who cut your hand and I won’t spare that person. Gazal says Dua did this with me. She tells him how Dua beat her up and she tried calling him but he didn’t take it. Haider is shocked hearing all that.

Dua tells Gulnaz and Dadi that they have to find Ruhaan. Hafeez says she can’t do that alone, someone is helping her. Gulnaz says I think Ijaz is part of her plan, they both have kidnapped Ruhaan. They threatened to keep my mouth shut. Dadi says the should die like dogs. Dua says there is a way to save Ruhaan. They will tell us where Ruhaan is. Gulnaz says how? Dua says Ijaz must go there to check up on Ruhaan. She tells Hafeez to keep an eye on Ijaz and follow him if he goes out. He says I will. Dadi says this is a great idea. God will help us. Haider shouts for Dua.

Haider comes in the house and shouts for Dua. All come there. Dua asks why is he shouting? Haider says do you know what it is? did you do any mistake? Dua says you have lost the right to ask me anything. Haider says don’t misbehave. Dua says you can be disloyal but I can’t even misbehave? I am not that Dua who would never hurt you. Things have changed and I have changed too because of you. Haider says I know I did a sin with you, I am taking responsibility, you can punish me but what’s Gazal’s fault that you have injured her. All look on. Hina says what? she injured her? this is so shameless to beat Gazal again. I was so worried about Gazal, where is she? Gazal comes there and cries for Hina. Hina rushes to her and says what happened to her? she is bleeding and all beaten up. Ijaz says this Dua is so cruel, I won’t spare her but Hafeez stops him and says don’t you dare move towards her. Ijaz tells Haider that they are threatening us in front of you, we have no respect in this house. Haider pushes away Ijaz and says how dare you move towards Dua? don’t do this ever again otherwise I won’t spare you. Ijaz looks on. Hina says why are you scolding him? he is worried about his sister. She checks Gazal’s hand and its cut. She says someone call the doctor but no one moves. Hina goes to get the first-aid box and starts cleaning her wound. She says Dua beat her like an animal. She says God will punish Dua, you couldn’t even control your anger? Dadi asks her to shut up. Dua says let her be. Haider says I want answer, did you misbehave with Gazal? did you injure her and why? you have to answer me. Dua glares at him and says you want to know the answer? she looks at Gazal and recalls her trying to kill Hamida. Gazal thinks she can’t say that I tried to kill her mother. She says I don’t want to hear anything. She tells Haider that she will prove me as a criminal again. Hafeez says I will tell everyone why this happened with her.. this girl tried to.. Dua stops him. She tells Hafeez to stay out of it. She tells Haider that she is responsible and she doesn’t need to answer to Haider or his mother. Haider says did you raise hand on Gazal? Dua says yes. I have beaten her and I am not ashamed. I spared her this time but she deserves much worse. Gazal says my only fault is that Haider supported me and I accepted it. She did it because she knows that you won’t do anything against her. Haider tells Dua that she can’t harm Gazal like this. Dua starts leaving but Haider stops her. Dua says I don’t need to talk anymore. Haider says you shouldn’t have hurt Gazal like this, this is wrong. Dua says what about you? what you did was wrong too. You broke my trust and gave my right to someone else by marrying another woman. If you want a reward then get it, don’t sell your self-respect to her. Dua starts leaving but Haider says you can’t hurt Gazal like this, she is my reponsibility as she is my wife. Dua is hurt hearing that. Gazal smirks and thinks soon Haider will accept me completely.

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The episode ends.