Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal and Aizaz’s Plan


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Gazal pleads with Hina to trust her, claiming that Dua presented a fake video. Dua dismisses Gazal’s plea, accusing her of drama and demanding she leave the house. Hina scolds Dua, insisting she shouldn’t accuse her daughter. Gulnaaz admits to creating the video, leading to a heated argument. The inspector acknowledges the potential of Al technology to manipulate videos and requests two days to investigate. Gazal agrees to a test to prove the video is fake and is instructed not to leave the house during this period. Dua urges the inspector to arrest Gazal, but Hina supports her.

Gazal plans to complete her agenda within the next two days. Haider expresses his disapproval of Gazal staying, but Hina intervenes and supports Gazal. Dua warns Haider not to harm Hina due to her fragile health. As guests prepare to leave, Dua persuades them to stay for the wedding. Dua consoles Gulnaaz, stating that Gazal cannot escape as the inspector will prove the video’s authenticity. The wedding ceremony begins, with Haider and Dua sharing emotional moments. Gazal, filled with resentment, watches them dance. She receives a call from Eihchaaz, who confirms following her instructions.

Suspicious, Dua notices Gazal leaving and wonders about her intentions. Gazal arrives at the hospital, desperately inquiring about her husband Eihchaaz’s condition. A wardboy informs her that Eihchaaz’s life is in danger. Gazal recalls Haider’s earlier visit to the doctor. Meanwhile, Hina joyfully dances with family members, unaware of Gazal’s plotting. Dua, lost in thought, hides her concerns from Haider. Gazal, with a knife filled with blood, receives a call from Eihchaaz. Panicking, Dua becomes suspicious of Gazal’s actions.

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Gazal reaches the hospital, seeking help for Eihchaaz’s life-threatening situation. A wardboy suggests Gazal is pretending to cry, and Eihchaaz’s decision was influenced by her. Gazal reveals she took medicine to avoid pregnancy, causing chaos in Eihchaaz’s life. Threatening suicide, Gazal emotionally manipulates a wardboy into helping her, emphasizing her inability to give an heir to Eihchaaz’s family. Gazal is determined to proceed with her plan to ruin Dua’s life and ensure the birth of Haider’s baby.

Precap: Gazal puts on an emotional act in front of a ward boy to get an IVF sample from the lab. Dua tells Haider that Gazal went out a few minutes ago, and she’s convinced Gazal is up to something. Gazal, speaking to the ward boy, says that if he doesn’t help, they might not survive, and he’s their last hope to have a baby.