Rabb Se Hai Dua 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update


Rabb Se Hai Dua 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Haider finds blood in the garden and follows the trail.

Hina is crying so Kaynaat consoles her. Dua is sad and thinks I want to console her but she has become blinded by Gazal, she doesn’t even appreciate my empathy. Ijaz smiles at Noor and Gulnaz notices it. Dadi says Rahat should have slapped Hina before so she would come to her senses, your tears won’t change anything. Stop crying and take a stand for the right. Hina says you can’t even let me cry? I lost my husband and son because of Dua. Rahat has insulted me so much and now you want to? You should teach lessons to Dua and tell her to leave with her mother. Dadi says you are so blinded, you can’t change. Hamida comes there and says wow.. Hina is crying when she was celebrating when Dua was crying? I am so happy to see karma hitting her. I need some rest so I am leaving from here. Hina says that’s good, you should leave. Hamida says Dua and Hafeez will stay here. You saw a husband’s hatred today? I want to advice you to never try to harm my daughter. Dua might not do anything but Hafeez can do anything to protect her. She asks Hafeez to take care of Dua. Kaynaat smiles at Hafeez and Ijaz notices it. He thinks that I will tell this news to Gazal but where is she?

Gazal is bleeding in the storeroom and fainting. She says I can spill all my blood but Haider has to become mine today, he has to come here. Haider opens the door and enters. Gazal smiles seeing him and thinks to start her drama.

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Hina tells Hamida that your daughter has no place in this house. Hamida says you should cry over your husband and son but don’t forget that you got this house because of Dua’s father, Dua brought you all to this house. She can throw you all out of here. You are so shameless. Hina says enough, stop showing right on this house. This house isn’t your husband’s or Dua’s. This is my house and my son made it. Get lost from here with your daughter. Hamida laughs and says you don’t even own your husband. As for Dua, Dadi is the real owner of this house so she has allowed Dua and Hafeez to stay here. Hina says wow.. Dadi has become blinded. Hamida says you can’t be this shameless? daughter in laws are not wrong always, your family is falling apart after your son married that characterless Gazal. Hina says stay in your limits. Hamida says pray that your family doesn’t leave you. Hamida tells Dadi that I have trusted you always.

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