Rabb Se Hai Dua 26th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Ibadat and Subhan are excited to see each other

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 26th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Armaan says Mannat is extraordinary, she changed your mood so quickly, she loves you and I love her. All are shocked hearing that. Hina says what? Armaan says I meant to say I love Hina too. Ibadat says nice save. Armaan says you keep twisting my words and fight for no reason, you even started a big fight in the courtroom. Gulnaz says he is right, what was the reason for starting this drama and you even called the media there, she dragged poor Mannat into this, she should have done this alone. Hina says Ibadat likes to put Mannat in trouble and take away our peace. Hamida tells them to stop scolding her. Hina says didn’t you see how she was arguing with the priest and our religious scholars on TV? She has no shame and is so evil. Hamida says enough, don’t call my daughter evil. Hina says I will keep saying it, if you worry about her so much then take her away, she is so evil and that’s true. Hamida says don’t make me angry, Hina says don’t shout at me. Ibadat tells Hamida to calm down. Hamida tells Hina to stop fighting in her old age, she has no strength to fight anymore. Gulnaz says Hamida does have more strength. Hina tells Hamida to control this Ibadat and tells her to stop dragging her granddaughter Mannat in all this. Hamida says she is your granddaughter to you. Hina says she is one to me because.. Dua comes there and says enough.. why are you both fighting like this? you are elders and shouldn’t be fighting like this in front of them. Gulnaz says only I am sensible in this house. Hamida says I didn’t start fighting, it was Hina. Hina gets a message and says I am so happy now. She tells Hamida to not be angry at her. There will be more kids in the house. all look on. Hamida says she would bring some orphans now. Hina says they are coming from London. All look on. Hina says Kaynaat, Hafeez, Subhan and Sufi are coming here. All are happy hearing that except Armaan. Hamida hugs Hina and says that’s good news. Mannat and Ibadat get excited hearing that Subhan is coming.

Subhan is preparing to leave for India, he checks his emails and finds an email which says that she is missing him so much, she might die after she sees him. He smiles and replies I miss you too, soon we are going to meet.

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Ibadat sees Mannat writing emails and says you seem excited to know that Subhan is coming. Mannat says I am just excited that Hafeez and Kaynaat are coming. Ibadat says what are you doing on a laptop? Mannat says I am ordering makeup to make you prettier, Ibadat says what about you? Mannat says I am already booked so don’t worry about me. Armaan eyes them and thinks Subhan is doing a mistake by coming here.

Subhan is smiling to himself so Sufi asks if his love will come to pick him up? Subhan says I am sure, my love will come.

Mannat tells Ibadat that they have to go and pick up Subhan. Ibadat says I can leave my birthday preparations but I have to go and pick Subhan.. I mean pick their family. Mannat teases her, Ibadat finds her ordering men’s wallets and asks why is she ordering those? Mannat runs from there.

Nigar is grooming Gulnaz, Hamida comes there and says you can’t change your personality with all this grooming. Ibadat and Mannat are running around, Ibadat tells Hamida that she is not giving laptop. Hina comes there and says I am making laddos for Subhan. Hamida says I am excited to see him also. Ibadat is running around and bumps into Hina so her laddos fall down. All are shocked. Ibadat apologizes to her but Hina says you spoiled my work, you have taken away our peace, maybe one day you will take someone’s life with all this, you are a curse on us. One day you will turn out to be like your mother. Ibadat says enough, I apologize for this but please don’t curse my mother. Hina says how dare you argue with me? I will put you in place, she is about to slap her but Dua comes there and stops her. Dua asks Ibadat to go to her room, Mannat takes her from there. Dua glares at Hina

Subhan leaves with his family for the airport. Kaynaat thinks I am going back to that house on the day when I lost my brother but I am not alone this time, I am bringing Dua and Ibadat’s destruction with me. Subhan thinks tomorrow he will see his live, it will be the most special day of his life. His dream girl will be in front of him.

The episode ends.