Rabb Se Hai Dua 26th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Hina decides to give a chance to Gazal.


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Gulnaaz walks to Hina and tells her ho Gazal behaved with her earlier. Hina refuses to believe Gazal’s crimes despite seeing the video and wants to give her a chance to prove the allegations wrong. Gazal feels relieved. The inspector asks Hina if she isn’t saying it under someone’s pressure, but Hina denies. She asks the police not to involve in her family matter. Haider wants Gazal arrested based on the video, but the inspector gives Gazal a chance to prove her innocence.

Dua stops Gazal from running out of the house. Gazal scolds Dua and claims she is going to get proof for her innocence. Ruhan warns Gazal not to speak against Dua and asks her to prove her innocence by staying at home. Haider agrees with Ruhan and prohibits Gazal from going out. The inspector also agrees with Haider. Gazal seeks permission to make a call. Dua wonders what Gazal is up to.

Gazal is busy messaging someone on her phone. As guests are about to arrive for the pre-wedding rituals, Dua tries to convince Haider to postpone Gazal’s arrest to save their family’s reputation, but Haider is determined to get Gazal arrested today. Gazal thinks she will shock Dua and make Haider hers forever. The inspector tells Gazal that the time given to prove her innocence is over, so they arrest her.

Gazal begs the inspector for more time and also asks Hina for help. To Gazal’s shock, Hina shouts at Gazal and asks the inspector to arrest her. Gazal receives a message, and she asks the inspector to check her phone once. The inspector refuses, but Gulnaaz asks him to let Gazal fulfill her last wish. Dua warns Gulnaaz that Gazal is cunning, but Gulnaaz believes Gazal’s game is over.

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Gazal checks her phone and claims to have proof for her innocence. She asks the inspector to play it on the projector. Ruhan and Gulnaaz ask the inspector to take Gazal away. Gazal says they are scared of her, but Gulnaaz denies it. Haider says Gazal can’t do anything now, and they connect Gazal’s phone to the projector. Dua gets worried as guests start to arrive, and they mock Haider’s family on seeing the police there.

The video shows Hina accusing Gazal of pushing her down the stairs. Gazal plays another video where Dua admits to being a drug dealer and marrying Haider for her drug business. She threatens to kill Haider and his family. Everyone is shocked. Haider accuses Gazal of creating fake videos, but Gazal claims that Dua did the same with her video. Hina warns Dua not to touch Gazal, shocking Dua.

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