Rabb Se Hai Dua 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Hamida tries to convince Dua to work for Haider


Rabb Se Hai Dua 25th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Dua tells Gazal to taste the food first that she is taking for Hamida. Haider tells Gazal that no one trusts you in this house so I can’t do much, he leaves. Gazal eats the food to prove there is nothing in it and asks Dua if she can take the food now? Dua says not at all, my mother would never eat the same food that you ate. Make another plate for her. Gazal sets the plate so Dua asks the servant to go with her and says keep an eye on her so she wouldn’t do anything with the food. Dua asks Gazal why isn’t she taking food for Hina? Gazal says she already ate. Dua is confused.

Gazal brings food for Hamida and smiles at her. Hamida recalls how she tried to kill her and asks if she poisoned it? Gazal says nothing. Hamida grabs her and says if you try to kill me then I won’t spare you. Gazal moves away from her and says I promise I didn’t mix anything in it, she tries to run away but Hamida asks how did you hurt your back? why are you using a kane? Gazal recalls how Haider pushed her away. Hamida laughs and tells Hina that your daughter in law is worst than you. Hina asks her to stop it. Hamida grabs Gazal and shakes her up. Gazal tries to leave but Hamida says let me bless her, she slaps her back 2-3 times while Gazal cries in pain. Dadi and Gulnaz laugh hearing Gazal crying. Gulnaz says she should kill that Gazal. Hamida tells Gazal that she should be punished for what she did with her daughter. Hina asks her to stop it. Hamida says she doesn’t even care about you, she didn’t even bring food for you? Hina says she arranged so much food for you. Hamida asks Hina if she has blinded you? Hina says it was all done by your daughter, she keeps misbehaving with me and trying to destroy us all. She is going to bring us all on the road. We have a bridal fashion week coming up and Dua always worked as a designer but she suddenly said no. She tells her everything and tells Hamida that we both can fight as much as we want but we both know that our businesses shouldn’t suffer, we can fight as families but we shouldn’t let our business destroy to dust. Our businesses are our honor and our workers trust us.. your daughter is ready to destroy our business but I won’t let it happen. Hamida laughs and says so you pretended to mend things with me to get help? Hina says Dua has to work for Haider, if she can’t help us then she should get lost from this house. Hamida shouts that its my daughter’s house and this business is my husband’s charity on your son.. you have no standard to throw out my daughter from here. She leaves from there.

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Scene 2
Hamida comes to Dua and says Hina called me here because she wants me to convince you to work for the bridal fashion week so she can save her business and honor. She says I thought Hina wants to mend things but she is so selfish.. at least she realizes about your talent.

Gazal tells Hina that I told you to not call her but you didn’t listen to me. Hina says I have to drink her poison and you get ready for it too. I will bear all insults but I have to convince Dua using Hamida. I can’t let my son suffer in all this. She goes to talk to Hamida again.

Hina comes to the lounge and hears Hamida telling Dua that I regret my decision of ever marrying you in this house, everyone is fake and selfish here. Your mother in law is an idiot but she is right about one thing that our businesses are our honor and family disputes shouldn’t come inbetween that. You should never forgive them for what they did but don’t let the business suffer as the workers depend on us too. I want you to make designs and its my wish that you start working for Haider Designs. All look on.

The episode ends.