Rabb Se Hai Dua 25th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal manipulates Hina emotionally.


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Dua says that all of Gazal’s wrongdoing has been proven, and she deserves punishment. She calls the lady police to arrest Gazal, stating that Hina will provide evidence of being harmed by Gazal. The inspector informs Gazal that she is being arrested for attempting to murder Hina.

Earlier, Ruhan shows Hina a video revealing how Gazal destroyed the camera in Hina’s room. Everyone in shock. Ruhan says you can see Gazal tampered with the CCTV camera. Hina questions Gazal about her actions. Gazal begins acting, claiming she felt like a prisoner under constant surveillance and, if possible, would break all cameras.

Hameeda questions Gazal if she did so to delete the video from her phone. Hina tells Hameeda to stop shouting and be within her limits. Gazal thinks that no one will harm her. Ruhan says that she should not be happy because he and Hameeda know very well that she will destroy the video, so they prepared in advance. He reveals that a copy of the video recorded by Hameeda was forwarded to him, and it’s safe on his phone. He says he will show the same to Hina and expose Gazal.

Ruhan plays the video where Hina is asked who pushed her outside the window.
Hina says Gazal was the one who pushed her and threw her down. She describes how Gazal entered her room and attacked her furiously. Hina cries, recounting the ruthless beating by Gazal, and before she could tell the truth to everyone, she was pushed down. Hina feels unwell after learning the truth, and Hameeda holds her. Dua tells Gazal that she has finally been exposed and feels like killing her, but that would be too easy. Gazal should suffer severe punishment and live a painful life in jail.

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Dua asks the inspector to take Gazal to jail and not let her destroy any more lives. She shows the video clip to the inspector, who immediately arrests Gazal. Hina tells the inspector to stop and says she should not arrest Gazal. Gazal hopes Hina will save her. Hameeda warns Hina not to let Gazal go free. Gazal hugs Hina, thanking her for saving her. Hina furiously slaps her and warns Gazal not to call her Ammi anymore.

Hina says she will not forgive Gazal and tries to attack her. Dua calms her, telling her not to lose her dignity because of Gazal. The inspector warns Hina to stop, as the law will handle the situation. Gazal thinks she needs to do something and falls at Hina’s feet, crying. She starts emotionally fooling Hina and provoking her. Gazal asks if Hina really thinks she can hurt her, reminding Hina of Gazal’s mother’s death because of her. Dua warns Gazal that Hina will not trust her anymore. Haider tells Gazal she has to go to jail.
He asks her to stop her acting and leave when she keeps fooling Hina. Hina believes everyone deserves a chance to rectify their mistakes. Haider keeps trying to remind Hina of what happened with her. Gazal thinks she is going to win this fight.

Precap: Gazalsays in front of everyone lets dim the light then everyone will know if I’m an enemy or friend of Hina. Gazal says according to this video I try to kill Hina now I’ll play another video watch it carefully. Gazal plays a video of Dua where she confesses to hurting the Akhtar family. Gazal says now you all can decide if I’m an enemy or someone is trying to frame me.