Rabb Se Hai Dua 24th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua beats up Gazal to save Haider


Rabb Se Hai Dua 24th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Dua comes outside her room and doesn’t find Haider there. She recalls Gazal’s claim that she will bring Haider to her room.

Gazal is lying on the floor and sees Haider sleeping on the bed. She cries in pain. Dua enters their room and finds Haider sleeping there. She sees her shirt opened and says it means something wrong happened here. She hears Gazal crying in pain and sees her on the floor. Gazal says I can’t get up, help me but Dua doesn’t. Gazal says I am going to curse you. Dua says you deserve this, you can cry for help but no one is going to save you. Dua kicks her and says this is trying to molest Haider, you are so shameless. You have no clue about what love is, you are just greedy. She kicks her but Gazal cries to not beat her anymore. Dua says I want to kill you today but I can’t. You tried to take advantage of Haider, you are a shame in womenhood. The police will take care of you now, Ruhaan is back so you have no edge on us. The police will arrest you for torturing Ruhaan. haider cries for Dua so she rushes to him. Gazal thinks I can’t let Haider know what I did. Dua says Ruhaan is back so get up please. Haider murmurs his name. Dua says lets go and see him. Haider looks at him and she caresses his face. He recalls their moments together. Dua says you need to rest. Haider says I want to meet Ruhaan.

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Hina meets with Ruhaan and says how could you leave your family? We were all so worried, you can’t do this. I am not talking to you anymore. Ruhaan says I am sorry but I had to leave, please forgive me. Hina says I am still angry and won’t let you leave me again. Gulnaz says I will let Rahat know as well. Noor hugs Ruhaan and says I missed you so much. They hear Haider coming there with Dua. Haider goes to Ruhaan and hugs him. Ruhaan recalls him being with Gazal and is angry. He recalls Gazal telling him how he wanted him dead. Haider says thank God you are okay. I know you were miffed but why did you leave? Ruhaan recalls everything. Haider says I love you so much, I was hurt when you left. He folds his hands and says I am sorry.. I forgot that you are an adult now, I should have respected your wishes. I forgot that you can take your decisions but you are like my son. You should have thought of the family before leaving. Dua was so worried about you. Rahat was so heartbroken that he left the house. Please don’t leave us again. Dua says you should ask him where he was and what happened with him. Gulnaz asks him to expose his criminal. Dua says tell them what happened with you. Ruhaan recalls Ajaz saying that they wanted to kill him. Dadi says tell them who did this with you.

the episode ends.