Rabb Se Hai Dua 23rd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Hina tries to patch-up with Hamida


Rabb Se Hai Dua 23rd July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Haider tries to greet Hamida but she stops him and says don’t be pretensious. Haider says I know I don’t deserve your blessings but please. He puts her hand on his head for blessings. Hamida sadly looks at him. Dadi comes there and hugs Hamida. All family members come there. Gulnaz tells Hina that Hamida is here so some people should worry. She greets Hamida, she says its surprising to see you talking honey. Gulnaz says Dua changed me, I have stopped fighting but some people need teachings. Hamida glares at Gazal and shakes her head. Dua thanks Hamida for coming. Hamida says I didn’t plan to come but someone begged me to come here. Dua say I pray for their happiness. Who called you? Hamida says let me sit down first. Hafeez comes there and hugs Hamida. He says I was missing you. Hamida says why are you losing weight? aren’t they treating you well? Kaynaat says I keep telling him to eat on time but he doesn’t listen. Hamida is surprised to see her care. Gulnaz whispers to Gazal that you must be scared seeing her, all your venom is gone? Gazal recalls how Hamida slapped her before.

Dua goes to the kitchen and finds food cooked there, she says it seems like Hina’s cooking but why would she cook?

Hamida is sitting with the family, Hafeez says you should have told me you were coming. Hamida says I wanted to shock some people. Gulnaz says no storm can stand in front of Hamida. Dua brings water for her and asks who called you here? Hina says I called her here. All are surprised. Hina goes to Hamida and hugs her, she says its good to see you here, thank you for accepting my invitation. Hamida says I had to because you are my daughter’s mother in law. Dua says why did you call her here? Hina says I am not selfish, we didn’t have a good meeting last time so I thought to mend things, forget old wounds and starts a new. Gulnaz and Dadi are confused hearing all that. Dadi says she is upto something. Dua asks Hina why did you get this thought suddenly? Hina says you are asking too much, she must be tired. Hamida says I don’t tire till I make my enemies lose the fight. She says your scheme is good that you first destroy relationships and then try to mend it. We will talk about it later on but first you have to see who I brought with me. She calls Babban Mian and all are surprised to see its a donkey. Dua laughs seeing that. Hamida says he is very pampered and only eats good food, he is looking for a bride so I thought to bring him here and he might like someone here. Hafeez says that’s a great idea. Gazal is angry seeing all that. Noor greets the donkey. Hina tells Hamida that this is not a place for animals. Hamida says animals don’t like place where there is no justice. She says this donkey will take someone out of here soon, she glares at Gazal and says she will be out of here soon on this donkey. Hina is angry hearing that.

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The episode ends.