Rabb Se Hai Dua 23rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Hina apologises to Dua in front of everyone.


Rabb Se Hai Dua 23rd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Haider stops Dua from talking to Gazal, urging her to return home. However, Dua is determined to clear her doubts and demands that Gazal reveal her face by lifting her burqa. Gazal refuses, citing religious reasons, but Dua, also a Muslim, insists it’s not wrong. Haider questions Dua’s actions and asks her to calm down, revealing they’ve received many missed calls from home.

Gazal hides at that moment, and Haider calls Ruhan, concerned about Hina’s health. Dua insists on checking Gazal’s face but is forcibly taken away by Haider. Gazal realizes she’s still in danger, with Hina having revealed the truth to everyone. If her confession video reaches the police, her game is over, and she must give the baby to Haider or face jail forever.

Noticing a wardboy, Gazal thinks he can help her and sends a photo to Ajaz. He reluctantly agrees to help but sets a condition for payment. Gazal believes she must delete the video to avoid jail.

Meanwhile, Hina anxiously waits for Dua and Haider at home, while Gulnaaz hopes to bring relief by showing the video to Dua. When Dua and Haider return home, Ruhan begins explaining the incident. Hina, feeling guilty, confesses her sins and regrets supporting Gazal against Dua. She apologizes to Dua, admitting her mistakes and seeking forgiveness. Hina recounts her wrongdoings, falls at Dua’s feet, and prays for death. Dua consoles her, promising not to let anything happen to her.

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Sharing their grief, Hina and Dua recall beautiful moments. Hina kisses Dua, faints in her arms, and Dua informs Haider. While trying to wake her up, Haider notices Hina’s cold hand, and Dadi calls for a doctor. Dua prays for Hina, hoping she won’t forget the incident when she regains consciousness. Gulnaaz suggests showing Hina the confession video, and Dua appreciates her for the smart move, realizing it can prove Gazal’s mistakes.

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