Rabb Se Hai Dua 22nd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Hina doesn’t trust Gazal anymore


Rabb Se Hai Dua 22nd July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Dua tells Haider that congrats on your new business partner, she asks Ravi to deposit 10 lacs back in the account. She tries to leave but Haider stops her and says thank you for saving our money, we need you so please help us. Dua recalls how Gazal challenged to use Ruhaan. She thinks I am sorry but I need to do this for Ruhaan. She says I will not work for your business. She tells Hina that you thought I would be jealous of Gazal but how can I be when she is so stupid, she will burn down this business. Don’t be so blinded by hatred that you are ready to bring us all on the road. Your son would be back working hard on his bike and selling clothes. I am telling you for the last time to open your eyes, she leaves from there. All look on. Dadi says Dua is such a blessing, she put everyone in place. She asks Hina to open her eyes before her son is destroyed. Gulnaz says Dua saved our money that Gazal was ready to burn. They all leave. Haider says we can’t take part in the fashion week without a good designer.

Ajaz and Noor are talking on the video call. He says I am missing you so should I come to meet you? Noor says Hafeez will beat you up. Ajaz says don’t worry, Ruhaan will save me.

Gazal comes to her room and finds Dua standing there. She says what are you doing here? Dua smirks and says this room and house is mine, you forcefully came here but I gave this as a pity to you. You will be soon thrown out of this house. You only have 5 days left. You wanted to win Haider’s heart and business but he called you stupid today which you are. You can enjoy the luxuries for some days as you are going to be back on the roads. Don’t you dare play with my husband’s emotions. I will make you pay for everything.

Scene 2
Ajaz meets with Ruhaan, he gives him money and Ajaz gives the gun to him. Ruhaan says I will make Dua and Haider pay for their crimes.

Hina scolds Gazal and says I told you to be careful with the money. Gazal says I just wanted to help Haider and worked so hard. Hina says you need to use your mind, you thought 10 lacs can be burned like that? I don’t like Dua but she saved our money today. Gazal cries and says please try to understand me, I will make everything right. I have a talent so just ask Haider to give me another chance. Hina says not at all after what I saw today. Gazal cries and says please give me another chance. Hina says if I ask Haider to give you another chance then he will throw me out of the house too. I was a fool to take your side, I am telling you that my Haider is most important to me and I can’t see him suffering. Only Dua can make designs for him so we have to convince him. Gazal thinks Dua will force me to expose myself to Ruhaan. She says I won’t apologize to Dua, I can’t do that. Hina says you want me to be insulted, I know who can convince Dua to work for us. She calls someone while Gazal looks on.

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Dua is working on the bridal designs in her room. She works all night and thinks she did her duties and just hope for the best. She finishes all her designs and says how will I send these designs to Haider? I can’t let Gazal find out that I am helping Haider as then she wouldn’t agree to accept her crimes in front of Ruhaan. How can I send these designs to Haider? she prays to God to show her a way. She hears a band playing and opens her room. Haider is there and bumps into her. He says I keep getting beaten up these days. Dua bumps into him again. Haider gives her a cheek kiss and says I wanted to make my morning nice. Dua says who brought the band here today? Haider says it must be one person only. Dua says really? she runs to check.

Hina tells Gazal that only one person would come with a band. I am not scared of her but lets go together. Gazal thinks who is here now? I am scared.

All family members come to the lounge and find Hamida entering the house with a band. Dua rushes to her and hugs her. Hamida says I always come with a grand entry. Dua says I was missing you so much. Hamida says I am happy to see you smiling. Haider welcomes her but she glares at him and stops him from hugging her.

The episode ends.