Rabb Se Hai Dua 22nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Ruhan learns about Hina’s confession


Rabb Se Hai Dua 22nd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Dua is in the hospital she hears Gazal’s voice and gets alert. She follows the voice and takes Gazal’s name. Gazal gets alert and says to herself did she recognise me. Dua demands to show her face.

Fe minutes back. Gazal believes she has found the right person to help her collect Haider’s sample for pregnancy. Meanwhile, Haider and Dua change into different clothes for a test. Haider reassures Dua, saying that God will bless them with a baby, and he looks forward to calling her “mom.” As they proceed, a wardboy asks Haider for his phone, and they hand it over.

Meanwhile, Hina expresses concerns to Kaynaat that Gazal might harm her. She tells the family about Gazal pushing her from a window, and she labels Gazal as a demon. Hameeda consoles Rahat, promising to hold Gazal accountable for her deeds. Rahat urges Hina to recount the events of that day, and Hina vividly remembers Gazal’s violent actions.

Hina shares that Gazal had beaten her and tried to kill her, pushing her from a window. The revelation shocks everyone, and Hina feels dizzy. Kaynaat consoles her, revealing that Gazal had tortured her mother. Rahat recalls the way Dua strangled Gazal’s neck. Hina narrates how Gazal had hidden her inside a bed, slapped her, and pushed her down from the window. Everyone is shocked by this revelation.

Ruhan learns about Hina’s confession and plans to inform Dua. However, Dua is unavailable, leading to some concern. Gulnaaz records Hina’s confession on her mobile, ensuring evidence against Gazal. The family praises Gulnaaz for her quick thinking. Gazal, following a wardboy, keeps a close watch on him. To avoid attention, she declines Ruhan’s call. Ruhan informs Gazal about Hina’s confession and Gulnaaz recording it. Gazal realizes her game is over and regrets leaving Hina alone.

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Ruhan questions Gazal about her voice, and she lies about taking medicine. Gulnaaz assures Ruhan that they have recorded evidence against Gazal. Gazal, praising the wardboy, asks him for a selfie. Meanwhile, the doctor assures Dua of a positive result. When the wardboy questions Gazal taking pictures in a burqa, Dua recognizes her voice and suspects her identity. Dua attempts to confront Gazal, but Haider stops her, insisting they need to attend a wedding. Dua, determined to clear her doubts, demands Gazal to reveal her face.

Precap: Gazal on the phone says well you take care of Dua there and I’ll destroy Akhtar family here. He walks inside the LAB for Dua’s sample.