Rabb Se Hai Dua 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Hina wants destroy Kaynaat & Hafeez’s relationship


Rabb Se Hai Dua 21st September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Dua prays for Haider and Ruhaan’s safety. She turns to see Hafeez and Hamida standing there. Hafeez says Ruhaan tried to kill you but you are praying for his safety? Dua says he went on a wrong path but he is my brother like you so I will do anything to bring him on the right path, I just hope he opens his eyes soon. Hamida says are you done? maybe Ruhaan has seen Gazal’s real face but what about your husband Haider? he is praising Gazal too and they are preparing to give heir to their family.. maybe they have already taken a first step. Dua says my Haider can never do that, he can never replace me. Hamida says people change in this age so easily, didn’t you hear what Haider said in front of Ravi? Dua says he just wants to protect me. Hamida says don’t be a fool.. that useless Haider tried to divorce you and you still think its his love? Haider has cursed you of highest order but you are still blinded by his love? Dua says you are not understanding. Hamida says you said that Haider has no feelings for Gazal but why he wants to divorce you? why he wants to give heir to his family with Gazal? you are my daughter so I can’t let you become a fool again and again.. what about Hina? she tried to kill you even after all you did for her, what about rahat? he took you as a daughter but he changed colors so easily, he couldn’t be loyal to his kids and wife so how can he be loyal to you? what about that Ruhaan? you raised him like your brother and he tried to shoot you. You keep getting hurt by them but you just don’t see their truth. You brought Gazal home as a friend but she became your sautan because of your foolishness. That Kaynaat used to roam around you but she threw you out of the house first, you are blinded by them, open your eyes and see their real faces. They used you when they needed and now they threw you out, they are all animals. Hafeez says Maa is right, Dua did so much for them but they threw her out like it was nothing. I am angry at myself for loving Kaynaat, to hell with her and her love. Dua asks him to shut up.. I told you to not bring your love in this. Hafeez says she can never become my wife after making my sister cry, I have no relationship with her anymore. Dua says you both are crazy, she leaves.

Hina brings food for Kaynaat and cries.. she says I love you and never wants to hurt you but I had to.. Kaynaat hugs her and says I knew you can’t be angry at me, you accept my love right? Hina grabs her hair and shouts to stop taking his name, if you don’t end your relationship with him then I will kill you. You will never get married to that goon, she leaves. Kaynaat says I will marry him only.

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Scene 2
Hamida tells Hafeez that I have hopes from you, you won’t change your decision right? He says no.. I don’t want to see her face. Hamida says you will see her face and love her more because we are going to use Kaynaat to take revenge for Dua.

Dadi stops Hina and scolds her for being cruel to Kaynaat. Hina says she is my duaghter, I want to protect her. Dadi says you destroyed this family and now destroying her life. Rahat comes there and asks what’s going on? Dadi says control your wife, she is arguing with me like I am her friend. Kaynaat didn’t eat anything and she is still beating her, what if she takes a wrong step? Rahat asks Hina what is she doing? Hina shouts that Kaynaat is loving Hafeez and I can’t let it happen. Rahat says I will talk to her, you shouldn’t be cruel to her. Hina says I am sorry but people love here and I have to pay for that. You fell in love with Gulnaz and destroyed our marriage, Haider loved Dua and destroyed our family and now Kaynaat loves Hafeez but I won’t let her bring another storm in this house. I will break her relationship with Hafeez, she won’t die if she remains hungry for some days. Gazal comes there and says Hina is right.. Dua sent Hina to jail and Hamida is Dua’s mother so she won’t spare Kaynaat if she becomes her daughter in law. Dadi says you will soon see fire raining down from sky, you destroyed Dua and Haider’s relationship and now you are behind Kaynaat? I curse you to death, she leaves. Gazal thinks I will destroy Kaynaat’s affair with Hafeez, it was the last thing tying Haider and Dua together.

Haider comes to Ruhaan and sees him sitting sadly. He thinks Dua was right. He asks him why is he crying? you can tell me anything, I can’t see you crying. Please tell me. Ruhaan says I remember everything, when I was a child, you used to remain hungry to keep me fed. He hugs him and says I miss you. Haider says I am with you. Ruhaan says I went far away from you. Haider says no.. I feel like I got my brother back today, you are my son and I have him back now. Ruhaan hugs him and cries. Haider says just tell me if Dua was right.. did you bring the gun to kill me that day? Ruhaan recalls Gazal’s words that Haider and Dua kidnapped him, how he got the gun to kill them. Haider says you can tell me the truth, I won’t judge you.

Dua prays to God and says I feel like Ruhaan wants to come on the right path so give him strength.

Ruhaan tells Haider that if you have guts to listen to the truth then I will tell you.

The episode ends.