Rabb Se Hai Dua 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua calls cops on Gazal

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 21st November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Ruhaan and Gazal hit each other. Haider stops Ruhaan. He says I won’t leave her. Haider says stop it. This is a hospital. Stay away from her. Gazal says she’s very dangerous. Stay away from her. The doctor says enough. Stop it. It’s a hospital. We will stop Hina’s treatment. Dua says to Ruhaan please calm down for Ammi. Dua looks at Gazal in anger. Everyone is worried about Hina. Gazal cries and says please save my mom and take my life. She says in her heart I am joking. Gulnaaz says she’s such a drama. Dadi says she doesn’t let us cry in peace either.

Dua says to Gazal get out of here. She says you’re responsible for ammi’s condition, not me. I will stay here. Dua says you won’t listen to me but you will listen to them. Police come there. They say we are here to arrest you on the allegation of an attempt to murder Hina. Gazal is shocked. Gazal says stop. The inspector says you’ll order us? Gazal says how much has she paid you to arrest me without proof? She says we have an FIR. Gazal says I am sure Dua has done this. Dua says you can’t keep harming my family. Your wings had to be clipped. Dua says you all have tried to ruin my life. She says take me to jail or I will kill myself. At least I will live there. I lost my parents in childhood. Then they all destroyed my life. I am Haider’s wife but he never gave me his rights. They have hit me too. Haider gave me this bruise on Dua’s ask. They’ve all abused me so much. Please don’t trust them. Inspetor says there are many other allegations on her. Gazal says she’s lying. Gulnaaz says I saw her shoving dadi. Gazal says then why didn’t you stop me? It’s all a lie. They’re all my enemies. This is Haider who never gave me his right. He said I forced him to marry me. How can a girl like me force a resourceful man like him? How can I attempt to kill Hamida? She is a big woman. They say I also kidnapped Ruhaan. Can I kidnap a man? He had a bad eye on me. Dua says she’s lying. Gazal says she lies. I have proofs of my innocence.

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The nurse says your patient’s condition is very critical. Everyone gets worried for Hina. Gazal asks people in the hospital that they all saw they were attempting to kill her. People say yes this family was misbehaving with her. Dua and Ruhaan tried to kill her. Inspector says to Dua this is so wrong. Bring a proof next time.  Ejaz comes there. Haider looks at Hina. Gazal says I’ve proved my innocence. The doctor says we’re losing hope. She calls another doctor. Dua cries for Hina. Dadi tries to calm her down. Hadier says to inspector we don’t want to do any complaint. Please let us be. Gazal says no. They are my mom’s enemy. They will kill her. Ruhaan says you do such things not us. Qainat says you want to kill my mom. Dua says stop it. Haider says how dare you accuse us of killing my mom? Gazal says yes so you can accuse me. Gazal says she’s the only one who stands with me so they want too kill her. They want to kill me as well. Please save me from them.

Episode ends