Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ruhaan realizes Gazal had been using him


Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Gazal comes to her room and finds Ruhaan there, he pushes her to the floor. Gazal says get lost otherwise I will call everyone here. He laughs and says call everyone.. you want to give birth to Haider’s baby.. you have big dreams to be with him but I will fulfill those. He recalls how he heard Gazal talking to Haider and trying to convince him to have a baby with her. Gazal panics and says gross. I love you only and don’t want anything with Haider. Ruhaan says enough.. I was a fool to listen to you, you kept playing with my emotions but not anymore, I will break your bones today. He slaps her hard. Gazal thinks she can’t even scream, God please save me. She tries to run and says if anyone finds out then they won’t spare you. Ruhaan says if they find the truth then they won’t spare you first. You made me go against Dua.. she was my best friend and I did so wrong with her, she kept trying to tell me the truth but I never listened to her, you destroyed my life. I tried to kill her and you destroyed her life. Thank God I opened my eyes and saw the turth. I know now that Dua came to save me when I was kidnapped but you made me believe that she was the one who kidnapped me, she left the house and lost everything because of me. I thought Dua was against me but it was you who kept using me, I won’t spare you. You made Dua leave the house so you could be with Haider, you are an evil person. He strangles her and says I will kill you today. Gazal is panicking and tries to get free. She is choking but Gulnaz rushes there and pushes Ruhaan away. Gazal coughs. Ruhaan says I will kill her, she destroyed my life, I will not spare her. Gazal says I will not spare you if you come near me, you are crazy. Gulnaz slaps her hard and says don’t call my son crazy. He is like this because of you, you used him for your gain, I will not let you 3 use my son anymore. He went to jail, got kidnapped, destroyed his life because of you all. Ruhaan says I can’t live anymore, please kill me. Gulnaz hugs him and asks him to calm down. Ruhaan says this girl fooled me. Gulnaz says I know that, she never loved you, she just used you to get to Haider. That’s why I went to Dua to help you. Ruhaan says Dua tried to open my eyes, she kept telling me and even put her life in danger but I never listened to her. I tried to kill her because of this evil woman, Dua was right, why did I listen to this girl? Gazal thinks if Gulnaz goes against me then I am gone. Gulnaz says Dua, Haider and Gazal are all my enemies, we can’t trust them. I trusted Dua but what did I get? just cheating. We can’t trust either of them. Ruhaan says lets talk about them later on but first let me kill her. He tries strangling her again but Gulnaz stops him and says don’t go to jail because of her, we will take care of her in another way. Please don’t do this with your mother, God will punish her. Ruhaan says she destroyed my life. Gulnaz says I won’t spare her, we won’t kill her but give her a worst life than death. I won’t spare her, Dua and Haider. Ruhaan says I want to kill her. Gulnaz says please go for me, he leaves. Gazal grabs Gulnaz and shouts how dare you go against me? Gulnaz slaps her hard and says I am not Dua.. I am on your side but I am standing with you for my kids only, you should thank me that I kept my mouth shut. She tells her to stay away from Ruhaan, I will kill you if you are seen near him. She leaves. Gazal says if Ruhaan exposes me in front of Haider then I won’t get my love, once I give birth to Haider’s baby then everything will be okay. If Ruhaan comes in my way then I will kill him.

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Dua sees Ruhaan calling her and takes the call. She says why are you calling me? Ruhaan silently cries. Dua thinks what if he hurt Haider? She asks what happened? Ruhaan recalls his relationship with Dua. Dua panics and asks if everything is okay? did you hurt Haider? Ruhaan cries hearing that. Dua says if anything happens to Haider then I won’t spare you. Ruhaan breakdowns and cries. Dua asks what happened? why are you crying? Ruhaan ends the call and says what can I tell her? she used to take care of me when I was pain. I didn’t listen to her when she was telling me the truth, I did so bad with her. Dua is worried and says maybe Ruhaan found the truth? I wish I could support him. I hope Haider is okay, I have to find if everything is okay. She calls Haider, he says I can’t take it as then she will know that I am worried about her. But she might have something important. He takes the call and acts like talking to Gazal. He says I just want to tell Dua one last time that I don’t want anything to do with her, she should stay away from me and shouldn’t call me again. He asks Dua why is she calling him? Dua cries and says good that you took the call, are you okay? Haider says I don’t have time for you. Dua says I know that but I just wanted to let you know that your brother needs you right now, he is in pain. He asks what happened? Dua says I don’t know but I think he is in shock and needs support, only you can do that. Haider says Ruhaan is your enemy and now you care for him? Dua says he was on the wrong track so I just wanted to protect him, I think he wants to come on the right path and its your chance to be his brother, go and take care of him. He says okay. Dua says I am not a fool and I know Gazal is nowhere near you, you acted nicely to keep me away from you but don’t try to lie as you can’t do that. She ends the call. Haider smiles and says she can see right through me, I am sorry I had to send you away to keep you protected from this house, we have to be separated. Dua thinks once I expose Gazal then we will be together again. Haider says I will talk to Ruhaan today and ask him what made him go against me. Dua turns to see Hamida and Hafeez standing there. Hafeez says you are still praying for their safety? Dua looks.

The episode ends.