Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal comes to the hospital

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Duaa cries and says Ammi was in so much pain and I couldn’t do anything. Please forgive me ami. They rush her in an emergency. Haider cries, an outsider. He asks the doctor how is she. She says we’re trying. They started her treatment. Haider panics, he says I can’t live without my mom. Qainaat cries. She says God save my mom. She says I’ve hurt my mom so much. Hamida tries to console her. Haider recalls being harsh to her. He says I know my mom made a lot of sins but I’ve hurt her too. I’ve done a lot. I am responsible for things. Dua hugs him and says don’t worry. Nothing will happen to Ammi. Ruhaan prays for her. Rahat says she has a good heart. She gets manipulated. Qainaat cries. Hafeez and Hamida try to console her. Dadi says Hina I can’t even be mad at you. What have you done to yourself? You didn’t even think about us. Why did you do it?

Gulnaaz says her shame must have forced her to do this. She could confess her mistakes, why did she do this sin. Haider says enough. She did this on Gazal’s provocation. Ruhaan says stop making her look bad. Gazal provoked us. Gazal comes there. She says I can’t see Haider like this. He’s in so much pain but its important for my plan. I did right with Hina. Her death will make Haider hate Dua. Gazal comes there crying and says where is my ammi?? How is my mom? Qainaat please tell me where is my mom. How is she? Qainat says go from here. She looks at the OT and says ammi why did you do this? You didn’t even think about your daughter?

The nurse comes out. Gazal asks her how is my mom? I can’t be an orphan again. Please save my ammi. Dua slaps Gazal and says you’re responsible for all this. Gazal says I am crying for my mom. If anything happens to my mom I will kill myself. Dua says I can do that for you. Dua strangles. Rahat and Haider try to stop her. Dua says I won’t leave her today. She’s responsible for all this. Everyone stops her. Dua says she did this to Ammi. Gazal says she was the only one who was with me. I am sure she did this. Like she shoved dadi. Gazal says okay I agree I did it. I orphaned myself? Stop accusing me. Give me a proof. Dua says there are proofs. When Ammi was missing you were too. You were not in your room. Gazal says I was in the washroom. Dua says stop lying. I know you did it all. You can kill anyone. The nurse asked them to stop it. Ruhaan says you can’t fool us again. Dua is right. She’s responsible for all this. Gazal stay in your limits? He says will get me kidnapped again or shove me like Ammi? Don’t lie. Ruhaan is about to slap her. Haider holds his hand. Ruhaan says I will kill her. Haider says you won’t do anything. This accusation isn’t proved. Gazla says Haider I am glad you understand me. He says shut up;. Don’t take my name. I don’t want my brother’s hands to get dirty with your blood. My mom taught me to respect women but if I find out you’re responsible for this, I will kill you. The doctor says stop this nonsense. Haider says I am sorry. Gazal thinks hina shouldn’t survive at all or Haider would kill her.

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Scene 2
Dua prays for Hina. Gazal stays outside the OT. Everyone is worried about Hina. Dua says please heal my mom. The nurse asks Haider to come with her. Dua and Rahat go with them too. Haider asks what happened? She says Hina’s condition is very critical. I did the surgery. But her life is danger. Gazal hears outside and gets happy. She says goodbye Hina. May you go to hell. Ruhaan comes there. He says why are you here? She goes from there. Ruhaan says you are making sure that she won’t survive right? She says stop it. He says you shameless girl. Gazal picks her slipper. Ruhaan holds her hand. The dotor says her age and diabetes is making her situation worse. We can’t assure you about her.

Episode ends