Rabb Se Hai Dua 18th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal takes IVF Files


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Scene 1
Haider says to Hina this room is only Hina’s. She says have you gone crazy. Do you want to discuss Dua right? He says Gazal can’t live here. Hina asks why. Haider asks crying. He says Dua is a curse. She has ruined my life. This room reminds me of Dua. So I won’t live here nor let Gazal live here either. Dua will stay in this room alone. She will leave the house once she gets divorced then GAzal will live here. I used to live here with Dua. This room is cursed. Gazal shouldn’t live here. I have to live my whole life with Gazal. Gazal says I want to live here. Hina says listen to Haider. Haider says Gazal I am doing this for your better.  Haider says I can give you this whole house. We will make our new world in a separate room. Dua laughs.

Haider says to Gazal you will never get Dua’s place not even her room. Back out. Gazal says I won’t. Haider says there’s no place for you in this house. You take advantage of my mom’s condition. I will expose you soon and you will be dragged to the police station. dua says you don’t have much time left. Soon mom would be okay and you would have to leave this house forever. They leave. Gazal looks at the IVF files. She says I will tell Du what I do with this IVF file.

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Scene 2
Dua is mad at Haider. She says she ruined the whole closet. Haider says don’t get mad. You look cute in anger too. Dua smiles. Haider caresses her face. They recall their moments together. Dua realized the IVF file was missing. Dua says to Haider that the file isn’t there. I fixed everything in the closet myself. Dua says Gazal took that with the clothes. She’s so clever. Haider says what would she do? Dua says she’s very clever.r Dua says we can’t imagine what she can plan. I have to find that file. Haider says don’t worry. Dua says she has our reports. Haider says I will find it don’t worry. Dua says I am apprehensive.

Episode ends

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