Rabb Se Hai Dua 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal kills Hina


Rabb Se Hai Dua 17th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Hina comes out of the bed. Gazal says you’re alive? She says yes. My kids pray for me. Gazal says you’ve to die today. Hina holds her hand and says control your hands. Don’t use your power on me. My Dua will teach you a lesson. she won’t leave you. Gazal says Dua has to die after you and then Haider will be mine. Hina says you don’t even deserve his shadow. You can never come between Haider and Dua. Gazal says Haider will always be mine. Hina says Haider knows how disgusting you are. Haider will never leave Dua. She’s an angel. Gazal says don’t call your death. Haider will be mine. Hina says I will never let you go near Haider. Hina says have some shame. I am sure your parents would be ashamed of you. Thank God they died earlier. Haider will never be yours. Gazal says pray in your last breaths. Call God. You didn’t let my mom. Hina screams Dua.. Dua is worried. She prays for Hina.

Gazal hits Hina. She throws her from the window. Hina’s head bleeds. She faints. Gazal laughs. Dua is worried. She says I am really scared. Ammi is in trouble. DAdi says she must be cursing you. Dua says no I feel worried for her. Gazal smiles. They come outside Gazal’s room. Gazal says I need to do something. She leaves the phone that has recording of Hina saying she will kill herself.

Hafeez and Ravi look for Gazal and Hina. Qainat says she’s nowhere. I am very scared. Dua says where is ammi? Gulnaaz says where could she go? Haider says let me talk to the inspector. Gazal comes downstairs with her bags. She says I am leaving Haider. I won’t even die in peace. I got a husband but never became a wife for him. You all won, I lost. I loved you all so much. But i am going far away now. You all defeated me. Thank you for giving me a space. I am going forever. I will never come back. Good bye. She leaves.

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Dua stops Gazal and says first tell us where Haider’s mom is? Gazal says i don’t know. Dua says don’t lie. You went to her room. Gazal says I was in my room. Dua says you weren’t there. Gazal says I was in washroom. Dua says tell us where she si? Gazal says is she a kid? That I can hide? Dua says tell us where Hina is? Gazal says I don’t know. Dua slaps her. She says answer me. haider calms dua. She says she ahs to tell us where hina is. She knows for sure. Gazal texts from Hina’s phone to Rahat. Rahat plays her voice note. Hina is saying I couldn’t do anything to save my daughter’s home. I can’t live with this insult. I will kill myself. I will die. Everyone is shocked. Dua is shocked. Gazal says ammi.. No where is ammi? What will I do without her.

Ruhaan comes in and says ammi is outside. She’s in the garden. She’s jumped from the window. They all rush out. Gazal says she’s gone forever. They all come out and see Hina. Everyone is shocked. Dua picks her and they rush her to the hospital. Gazal says she’s gonna die.

Episode ends