Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th December 2023 Written Episode Update


Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Haider tears apart papers and throws them on Gazal. He says stop seeing these dreams of parting me and Dua. He says here are family court orders Dua says with your divorce hearing dates. Get ready to leave this house and Haider forever. You must be scared of how we convinced mom and did all this. See the camera We can see everything in it. W told you to not act clever but you didn’t agree so it’s your fault. We trapped you in your own game. You can’t poison our mom against us. Haider says this is your last warning. If you try to brainwash my mom e will not leave you alive. They leave. Gazal says let my time come. I will never let Hadier divorce me.

Everyoen pipes for the nikkah. Dua brings the sweets. Rahat makes the lists. Hamida and qainaat see the address designs. Ruhaan says we will Whatsapp everyone the cards. They finalize the card designs. Dadi says we will go and invite our elders. Gazal says I’ve to keep my marriage intact. She says they’re keeping on eye on me with cameras. I’ve to take this risk. Ruhaan comes there and sees the footage. He asks what’s Gazal doing in Dua’s room? Ruhaan tells everyone. They all rush upstairs. She steals the IVF file.

They all come there. Gazal hides the file. She throws clothes out. Hamida says what were you stealing? Gulnaaz syas what you were doing here? She sees things and says see what I do now. Gazal is cared for. She says I want to kick Dua’s stuff out of here. Iv’e right in this room. Gulnaaz syas when will you realize the truth? You’ve no brian. She says evrrhign here is mine. Dua says we don’t need to talk to her. I know what she was doing. She’s noting else to do. Go to the hall and clean it. Get out fo here. gAzal says I’ve a better place than you. YYour husband married me after you. You will have to leave this house not me. Gazal picks the clothes. Hina comes there. She asks what’s happening here. Gazal cries and says ammi dua wants to take my rom. she says Dua can’t do that. Hdier will dirovce her soon.

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Episode ends

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