Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua files another complaint against Ruhaan


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Scene 1
Gulnaz is shouting at Rahat for not doing anything for Ruhaan, Rahat asks her to stop her drama. Gulnaz says what’s Ruhaan’s fault? you are his father and you don’t care.. I curse Dua for life. Haider comes there and says nothing will happen to Ruhaan, he is my brother and I will bring him out. I will get him bailed. Rahat says the lawyer said we can’t do anything till Monday. Haider says don’t worry.. I have some contacts that I can use. He tells Gulnaz that I still feel Ruhaan is innocent but if Dua’s allegations are somewhat true then I will be doing a mistake in freeing her. Gulnaz says Dua is lying. Haider says I care about Ruhaan more than you, I will free him but it will be your responsibility to take care of him then.

Ravi comes to home and talks about work with Haider but he says lets go and free Ruhaan. Ravi stops him and says I am sorry but I can’t take your side in this. Gazal comes there and says you call him a brother and you go against him? Haider says its between me and Ravi so stay out of it. Gazal says I am your wife.. Dua gave him too much importance but I will show his standard, he is just a cheap servant and thinks he can own this house, I will put him in place. Haider shouts at her to stop it.. if you do this mistake again then I will forget that my duty towards you. Ravi isn’t just our worker, he is my brother, this family’s member and our 3rd son.. Ravi is as close as Ruhaan to me.. you have no manners about people. Ravi always stood by us, he takes care of us without asking for anything. You wouldn’t understand how people care about relationships above money. Gazal says I didn’t like him going against you. Haider says I don’t care.. but if you insult him again then I won’t spare you, he is more important than you to me. Haider apologizes to Ravi but he stops him. Haider angrily starts leaving. She apologizes but he leaves. Gazal thinks I have to throw this servant out of Haider’s life but first I have to stop Haider from freeing Ruhaan.

Gazal rushes to Haider and says what if Dua is right? don’t get Ruhaan out of the house. Haider says you think that now but when Dua was screaming that then you blamed her for separating two brothers. Gazal says please listen.. Haider says even if Ruhaan wants to kill me, I will still free him. Gazal says I will come with you, she sits in his car and says I will go with you. He says fine and goes with her.

Dua is in the car and suddenly feels something. She tells Hafeez that Haider’s life is in danger, he will try to free him. I have to do something. She asks the driver to take her to the police station.

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Haider comes to the police station and meets with the lawyer. Gazal is scared that Ruhaan will kill him.

Kaynaat cries and tells Noor that I love Hafeez a lot.. my parents will never accept our love. Hina and Rahat come there. Hina grabs her and says I told you to stay away from that guy.. his family is our enemy. Kaynaat says I really love him. Hina slaps her but Kaynaat says you can beat me but my love won’t change, I will die without him. Hina cries and says you are out of your mind, she slaps her again. Rahat asks her to stop it but Hina says she has become shameless, I will kill her. She keeps beating her.

Haider and Gazal come in the police station and find Dua there. Haider asks what is she doing here? Gazal thinks Dua won’t let Ruhaan to be freed. Haider says you must have come back to your sense and came to take your complaint back but don’t worry. He gives the bail papers to the inspector. The inspector is about to free Ruhaan, he comes out of the cell. Haider rushes to him and asks if he is okay? he hugs him and says I am sorry for being late. Dua sadly looks at him and thinks he is his enemy but he won’t trust me. Haider looks at Dua and recalls Dadi’s statement, he thinks Dua might be right but I have to fulfil my duty as a brother. I can promise to not let Ruhaan do anything wrong now. Ruhaan signs the bail papers. Haider is taking Ruhaan from there but Dua stops him and says you can’t take him from here so easily. I didn’t come here to free Ruhaan but to file another complaint against him. He is a danger to the society. Haider says stop all this.. don’t do anything that will make me hate you. Dua says I know what I am doing. Dua files a complaint that Ruhaan tried to kill her and her husband.. if anything happens to them then Ruhaan will be responsible for that. Haider says stop all this. Dua says I am doing this for your life’s safety, after this he won’t try to hurt us. She tells Ruhaan that if anything happens to Haider then you will be responsbile and will be jailed for life so be careful. Gazal smirks and thinks I knew Dua won’t let anything happen to Haider.. thank you. Dua glares at Gazal and says be prepared to lose this game now, I will expose you soon, you just have 1 month and then Haider will divorce. She leaves from there. Haider looks on.

The episode ends.