Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Kaynaat asks Dua to give up her wealth for Subhan

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Ibadat tells Subhan that she is ready to marry him, all are happy hearing that. Subhan holds Ibadat’s hand and all clap for them. Dua hugs them and thanks God. She tells the family to prepare for the wedding. Hamida hugs Subhan and Ibadat. Hafeez blesses them. Hina blesses Subhan and turns towards Ibadat, she asks if she can forgive her? all are surprised hearing that. Hina says I have always been cruel to you but you never complained, can you forgive me? Ibadat stops her and says I just need your blessings. Hina says I pray for your happiness, I pray all my curses become blessings for you, she hugs her. Dua says this relationship has mended other relationships also. Hina tells Dua that she prayed for her and planned to go for a pilgrimage. Hamida says how can you leave the wedding? Hina says I trust you to handle everything. Dua says you have to be here for the wedding. Hina says I have to go and pray for this family. Hafeez says if she wants to go then no one should stop her. Hina tells Hamida to take care of everyone. She asks Kaynaat to hug her, she does. Hina says trust Dua, she knows the best for our kids and I am sure Ibadat will keep him happy. She hugs the family and leaves with Ravi.

Scene 2

Kaynaat comes to her room and is angry. Gulnaz comes there and tells her to calm down. If you want to do something then do it with Dua, she is such a player. Kaynaat says leave before I kill you. Gulnaz says I am on your side, you have such a good son but Dua trapped him. Ibadat is Gazal’s blood and we can’t deny that. Mannat might be bad but she is our blood, you could have used her to get all property from Dua but you can’t do that using Ibadat. Kaynaat smirks and says you have me a good idea, go from there now.

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Hamida tells Dua that your decision was good. Kaynaat comes there and says its still not finalized. I have to agree to this marriage as Subhan won’t marry her without my permission. Dua asks what she wants to say? Kaynaat says maybe Hamida should leave as my words might be too harsh for her. Hamida says I don’t want to argue with her, Kaynaat tells her to lock the door on her way out. Hamida leaves from there. Kaynaat tells Dua that you are taking my test, Ibadat has bad blood and she is Gazal’s daughter. Dua says she is my daughter, I raised her up. I have helped her in building her character. If its about blood only then why did Mannat do that with us when she has a pure blood of this family? why did she elope when she has the pure blood? I am ashamed to hear your thoughts. Kaynaat says the truth is Ibadat isn’t your daughter, I don’t like her at all but I have taken a decision. I am going to accept her as my DIL but I have a condition. Dua asks what? Kaynaat says we live on your favours but today I have the upper hand, if you want this marriage to happen then you have to give all properties to Subhan.

The episode ends.