Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua threatens to expose Gazal in a month


Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Haider tells Dua that we will leave, Dua says no.. where will you take family? you know Dadi, Hina and Rahat need this house, I had no right on this house, I had a right on you and I lost that too so please let me go. She sadly looks at him. She starts leaving, Haider recalls the day he brought Dua home as a bride, Dua cries as she recalls their moments together. Dua leaves the house. Hina is getting dizzy so Haider rushes to her. Gazal thinks my biggest enemy left the house.

Kaynaat comes to Hafeez and asks if everything is finished between them? He says yes, you and your family were cruel with my sister, my mother was right that you all are selfish and shameless, you couldn’t even be a human with my sister.. you should die a shameless death. Kaynaat cries and says I got worried about my mother, please give me a chance. He says stay away from me so don’t you dare come near me.. our relationship has ended. Dua comes there and says that will be a mistake, if you end a relationship because of someone else then its not right. Anyone would have done the same in Kaynaat’s place.. she saw her mother and brother behind bars and took a stand for them so she isn’t wrong. Kaynaat cries and says I am sorry. Dua says just remember to not lose trust between each other, don’t let anger take over your love. She asks them to patch up. Hafeez hugs her and smiles. Dua asks Kaynaat to go back home otherwise Rahat might see them, I will try to bring your proposal with Hamida soon, she thanks her and leaves. Gazal comes there and says you won’t say goodbye to me? you should advice me how to remain close to Haider when you leave.. how can I keep him happy? you think you can get Hafeez and Kaynaat married but did you forget that I won’t let you succeed for anything in life. You will have to divorce Haider in a month as you can’t expose me then Haider will be mine. Dua is about to slap her but Gazal stops her. Dua says slaps are useless but I just want to tell you that Haider and I will never separate, I will expose you in 30 days and get you out of the house, I promise you that. I will do anything to fulfil my promise, you will divorce Haider in a month, things are going to change soon and you should start packing your bags. Gazal says oh I am scared. She laughs and says you lost the war already, this house and Haider is mine now. Look at yourself, you lost everything. Dua laughs and says nobody can separate Haider and I.. if we stay away then our love will grow stronger, this fire will bring us back together. Gazal says he has already divorced you and you are leaving his life. Dua says I am going away to throw you out of his house, he will bring me back after a month. Gazal says I will make this family forget you. Dua says when I come back, I will be back with your destruction. Hafeez says lets go. He takes Dua from there and they drive away. Gazal panics.

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Gazal comes to Hina and says Dua threatened to throw me out of the house. Hina says don’t worry, I will protect you. Gazal thinks this woman is useless and can change sides if Dua exposes me. Gazal says Dua will make you against me too.. She panics and says I will kill myself, she takes a knife but Hina takes it away and slaps her. Hina says don’t be a fool because of Dua. Gazal says Haider is my life, I can’t lose him. Hina says I can’t see you like this, I will set your life. Gazal thinks I need to give birth to their heir then they can’t throw me out of the house. Gazal tells Hina that Haider doesn’t take me as a wife and I don’t even have a baby. Hina says don’t worry.. the only way to connect you with Haider is a baby.. once you give birth to his heir then he will be yours for life. Gazal smirks and thinks I wanted this only.

Haider comes to his room and recalls spending life with Dua. He looks at her jewelry and items.. he cries missing her. Otherside Dua is in the car and remembers her moments with Haider. Haider says I am sorry Dua.. I had to separate you from myself because of misunderstandings. Dua thinks we got separated because of situations but I promise to expose the person who brought this pain in our lives.

The episode ends.