Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua & Ruhaan blame each other


Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Dua tells Dadi that Ruhaan was injured and Gazal had blood marks on her dress. Ruhaan has been acting weird. Dadi says I can see everything clearly, he is still in Gazal’s trap. Dua says Gazal did so much with him but he is still protecting her. Dadi says you have to find out what’s going on. Dua says I will confront Ruhaan clearly.

Ajaz comes to Gazal and laughs at her seeing her condition. He says Dua has made you immobile, you can’t even walk straight now. Gazal asks him to shut up, I have to take care of Ruhaan. Dua has a doubt that Ruhaan is on our side and she won’t remain silent.

Ruhaan lies in his bed and dreams about Gazal. Dua knocks on his door. He thinks its Gazal and says I was waiting for you. He is shocked to see her and says I knew you would come as I got injured. Dua says but I didn’t say I would come? why were you waiting for me? tell me the truth who were you waiting for? Ruhaan says you are mistaken, I wasn’t waiting for anyone. Dua says Gazal was coming to meet you right? stop lying to me. I know you are on her side. Ruhaan says I don’t care about her. Dua says I saw blood marks on Gazal’s dress and its you only who got injured. You were silent even after you came back home and you keep protecting her but I don’t blame you because Gazal keeps fooling you. I am sure she is still fooling you. Ruhaan says enough.. stop talking about Gazal as I don’t care about her. Dua sits with him and says trust me that girl is lying to you, she doesn’t care about your love. She used you to get Haider, please open your eyes and don’t get hurt again. That girl is dangerous for the family, please tell the truth to everyone. Ruhaan says I don’t care about her. Dua says then why aren’t you exposing her? I can see that you are still in her trap. You don’t know what she did when you left. She made everyone believe that I made you run away from the marriage and leave her at the alter to destroy her life. Then she made Haider feel bad about her mother’s death and then forced him to marry her. We tried to stop Haider but Gazal married my husband, she destroyed my life. I couldn’t expose her because she kidnapped you. When you came back, you didn’t expose her. You saw how she gave sleeping pills to Haider and tried to take advantage of her? she even forced him to say that he loves her. Please expose her, please help me. Ruhaan jerks away from her and says I can’t take your side. Its not Gazal but you who is cheating everyone. Its your husband who is fooling everyone. I thought you are my friend but how could you get me kidnapped? Dua is shocked to hear that. Dua says I didn’t.. Ruhaan says I know you want to kill me, I know you, hafeez and Haider wanted to kill me. You were even ready to pay Ajaz to get me killed. You all want to get this property that’s why you wanted to kill me? Dua is shocked and says what? Ruhaan says you and Haider are greedy for this property and now blaming poor Gazal? you both act like that you are fighting but I saw you both romancing behind walls. Stop pretending to be angels. Haider is a characterless man to force Gazal to marry him. I love Gazal a lot and I will marry her after punishing Haider. I won’t spare you both. Dua says you are being fooled. Ruhaan asks her to shut up, I know the truth of you and Haider. I can’t believe that Haider did that with me. I promise that I will kill him. Dua slaps him hard and shouts how dare you even think of harming Haider? he is my love, my life, my pride so don’t even think about harming him otherwise I won’t spare you. Ruhaan is shocked hearing all that. Dua recalls her friendship with Ruhaan. She cries and says I am sorry, I didn’t want to. Please don’t take Gazal’s side, she is not a good girl. Ruhaan says you should respect others love too. I will not spare anyone who hurt my love Gazal. He throws her out of his room and locks the door. Dua thinks he is totally trapped by Gazal and is ready to harm Haider. I have to do something.

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The episode ends.