Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua gives the house back to Haider


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Scene 1
Gazal tells Dua that if you have decided to end relationship with Haider then sign the divorce papers and end it formally, she gives the papers to her but Dua slaps her hard. All are shocked to see that. Dua says how dare you talk between us.. don’t you try to end our relationship. Gazal says how dare you slap me? Dua slaps her again. Gazal tells Haider that she is slapping her and you are silent? She looks at the family but no one takes her side. Gazal says she is being cruel and you all are silent? Dua says this is your standard here, you have provoked Ruhaan against Haider and me.. Haider is in this condition because of you, you should die.. Ruhaan should have killed you. Don’t worry, I will expose you soon. Rahat asks Dua to stop this drama. Dua says this is not a drama, my life is getting destroyed and you are asking me stop it? I am trying to fight for my life and you think this is a drama? Gazal says you can’t stop me.. Haider already signed the papers so just divorce him. Dua says no.. before I wanted to be separated from Haider and he didn’t and now I won’t be separated from Haider, especially not for your happiness. She tells Haider that don’t think I am imposing myself on you, if a relationship has no trust then it means nothing, this relationship was built by my trust so I won’t let it break because of this Gazal so give me one month and I will expose this Gazal to her, I will show all her plots and tricks. If I don’t prove Gazal’s wrongdoings in one month then I will sign the divorce papers and we will be separated forever. All look on. Gulnaz says Dua is so clever, we have to leave the house because of her but she wants to expose Gazal. Dua says no one has to leave the house. Ravi brings the file and Dua tells Haider that these papers say that I own this house but I never wanted it that’s why I have already given this house and business to Ruhaan, Kaynaat, Noor and you. You all have rights on it and that’s what I want. Haider thinks Dua shouldn’t have done it, I thought I would pay for my sins by giving her this house but she gave it back.. we really don’t deserve you. Haider says what are you doing? you want to give it back because you want to put us down and want to give it back as a charity? he tries to tear the property papers but Gulnaz stops him and says no.. this is my kids’ rights. Hina says she is right, this house is for my kids and its their rights. Haider says Dua’s father and Dua built this house so its her right. Rahat says what Dua did was her duty and she didn’t do favor by saving it, at least think about your siblings’ rights. Kaynaat sadly looks at Dua and recalls insulting her, she thinks Dua gave up everything for us and I blamed her for being greedy. She is about to apologize to Dua but Haider stops her and hints no. Dua tells Haider that no one has to leave the house, you all own this house now and I can leave the house. Haider says you aren’t going anywhere, you don’t need to go as you have a right on this house too, how can you leave? we will leave. Hina says don’t stop her, she will send me to jail again, please let her go, you promised to not let us live with her so why are you stopping her? Rahat says what Dua did with the family can’t be forgetten, if she has any shame then she should leave. Gulnaz says he is right, she should get lost. Haider sadly looks at Dua. Dua tells Hafeez to get a cab, he nods and leaves. Kaynaat cries and leaves. Dua cries and thinks I made this house as my heaven but I have to leave it today. She is about to leave but Dadi stops her and says why you want to leave your house? all these people are shameless, you gave up everything for them and they still want you out.. their blood is white. She cries and asks Haider to stop her. Gulnaz hints at Noor to take Dadi away. Noor asks Dadi to come with her but she shouts at her to stay away, I won’t go anywhere. Gazal thinks Dadi can’t stop her, she tries to take Dadi away but Dadi shouts to stay away. Dua consoles her and says please don’t cry.. you have to listen to me, I have to go. Dadi says this is your house, you saved it from getting auctioned, its your right. Dua says I can’t live in this house anymore, no one wants me here so let me go please. Please don’t cry and go to your room. Dadi hugs her and cries.. Dua asks her to promise to take care of herself and call me when you miss me. She asks Noor to take her away, Dadi cries and goes to her room. Dua cries and comes near Hina.. she is scared of her. Dua says I am going away from you and you will realize that I am not your enemy and I never tried to hurt you.. I apologize for any mistakes. She tells her that you might forgive me some day but I won’t be able to forgive you ever. She tells Rahat that you might not have any sympathy for you but please take care of yourself, take your medicines on time. Rahat looks away and asks ehr to leave. Dua says I won’t go till my father blesses me. She hugs him and says my father can’t turn away his face from me, you gave me love of a father after my real father died, thank you for this favor, please hug me one last time. Rahat recalls Dua always taking care of him.. he is about to hug her but recalls Hina in the jail and stops himself. He pushes her away and says I only see your faults right now. Gulnaz asks her to stop her drama and leave. Dua says I should expose your drama with Gazal but I don’t have time.. you regretted taking Gazal’s side before and you will regret again so be careful before she burns your happiness. Ravi tells Dua that the cab is here. Dua starts leaving the house but Haider stops her.

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The episode ends.