Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update


Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Gazal tells Ruhaan that she will bandage his wound but he pushes her away and she falls down. She cries in pain, Ruhaan says it pained me too when you took pride in being Haider’s wife and were hugging him. Gazal cries but Ruhaan says you are a liar, you pretend to love me but you shower love at Haider. I want to burn this world but you live in it. Why did you lie and say that you don’t love him? tell me what’s the truth? Gazal asks him to stop it.. how can you think that I love Haider? he kidnapped me and forced me to marry him. I wanted Dua and Haider to feel pain, didn’t you see when I was forcing Haider to confess that he loves me then Dua was hurt which made Haider ache too. Ruhaan recalls how Dua was hurt hearing all that. Gazal says I did all that to make them feel our pain, you have seen how much they insult me, they kidnapped you but I saved you because I love you. Dua and Haider have destroyed our love and you don’t even trust me anymore. Ruhaan tries to apologize but Gazal says I should die. He hugs her and says I am sorry. He puts her on the bed and says I am a bad person, I hurt you. Gazal says your hand is bleeding, I can’t see you in pain. He says I am okay. Gazal says bring the first aid box, he goes to get it. Gazal bandages his wound while he stares at her. Gazal thinks he is going crazy in my love, if he finds out that I am using him then he will kill me.

Haider pulls Dua close to him and says now you are my sister’s sister in law too. Dua says things can’t go back like before between us. Haider says I am still the same, he pulls her closer and says you need to congratulate me on my sister’s relation. He twirls her around, she tries to leave but he pulls her closer. Dua says congrats on their relationship. Haider says where is sweets? he kisses her cheek and says I got my sweets. Dua says I won’t spare you. She takes a vase ane threatens him. Haider runs away from there. Dua laughs. Ruhaan comes there and hides his bandage. Dua rushes to him and asks what happened to your hand? he says I just pricked by a nail but I am okay. Dua says I can see that you are in pain. He says I am okay and goes to his room. Dua says his behavior is strange. She sees Gazal going from there and finds blood marks on her dress. She stops her. Gazal says I don’t want to talk to you. Dua says how come you have blood marks on your dress? Gazal is surprised and recalls how Ruhaan touched her. She says I don’t need to answer you, get lost. She goes from there. Dua is confused to see Ruhaan come out of his room but he goes back. Dua says what if Ruhaan and Gazal are working together?

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Noor is making videos when Ajaz comes to her. She says go away otherwise Hafeez won’t spare you. I don’t like when he beat you up the last time. Ajaz smiles and says I like seeing concern in your eyes. I just came to talk to you. Noor says about what? Ajaz says I want to become your friend. Noor says why? Ajaz says I keep coming back here for you only, he are so pretty. Noor blushes and leaves. Ajaz smirks.

Dua comes to her room and recalls everything that happened with Ruhaan. She says I hope Ruhaan is not on Gazal’s side, how can he still believe her? She sees Haider sleeping and says only he can help me, I should talk to him. She is about to wake him up but stops herself. She says if I talk to him about Ruhaan then they might fight again. Gulnaz comes there and asks what happened? why are you crying? Dua takes her aside and says Ruhaan.. he is acting strange but everything is okay. Gulnaz says don’t worry, she blesses her and leaves. Dua thinks I can’t tell her anything till I am sure what I am thinking is right. Who should I talk to about this? she gets an idea.

The episode ends.