Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Hina tries to recall the past


Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Haider says ammi I want to ask you something. Did someone make you fall that day? Please try to recall. You’ve to answer. Hina recalls what happened. She says I remember that day clearly. I will never forget it. Gazal is scared. They all ask Hina how she fell. Dadi says tell us, Hina. Hina is about to hit Gazal with a broom. She says this shameless girl.. this animal. Gazal says ammi, please. Hina loses her memory. She throws the broom and says Gazal, my daughter. Why are you on the floor? Gazal says they all hit me. They will kill me. Hian hugs Gazal and says I am with you. Gazal says she will kill me. Please save me ammi. Hina says they will die not you. She says to Haider how can you let your wife harm and beat this orphan.

Dua asks Haider not to say anything. Hina says Hamida your daughter is a monster. Haider says amma listen. He says Dua you shouldn’t hit Gazal. She’s so innocent. I know she’s clever, evil, and bad but she’s Ammis’ favorite. Don’t do that again. Hina says Dua has ruined our lives. Kick out everything will be fine. Dua says I want to apologize for ami. I will do what you ask. Hina says she’s fooling me. SHe never apologizes.  SHe hit Gazal. Haider says no she didn’t. Hina says she’s so clever. She will harm me too. Haider asks Dua to leave. Hian hugs Gazal and says see Haider took your side. No one can aks you to leave the house.

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Scene 2
RAhat says Hian’s condition is getting weak. She hit Gazal which means she recalled something. ammi was going to confess but she recalled the day I hit Gazal. She’s recalling things in pieces. We can send Gazal to jail once she recalls everything. Ruhaan says we’ve to remind her.

Hina dresses GAzal’s wounds. She says she’s hit her so much. Haider says Dua shouldn’t have done this. She shouldn’t have done that to my wife. She’s hit her hand so much. Apply haldi mom. He says everything will be fine. Haider says I know you’re scared. Don’t worry. I will take care of you. I will give you peace. Gazal says ammi I want to be with you. Hina says he’s your husband, go with him. Haider takes Gazal. Hina prays for them. Haider drags Gazal out and shoves her. Gazla says stop it. You can’t hit me. He is about to slap her. Haider says okay I won’t hit you. That doesn’t mean I am the Hadier you can fool. I have realized you’re the reason behind my mmom’s condition. I am not doing anything right now because of my mom. if anything happens to my mom I will ruin your life and kick you out. you know I keep my words.

Dua tells the doctor mom had a recollection but then she forgot everything. Gazal says Haider you’ve forgotten I am Gazal. I don’t give up. Haier meets the doctor. He says ammi isn’t getting better. He says the sitaiton dua told me she will get better. If she’s kept happy she will imrpve. When was she the happiest? Dua and Haider say our nikkah.

Episode ends

Update Credit to Atiba