Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider goes against Dua to protect her


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Scene 1
Haider opens the door and finds Dua standing there with Dadi. Gulnaz gets scared. Dua says Noor wasn’t letting Dadi come back home and she said she did it because of Gulnaz’s orders.. why you didn’t want Dadi to return home? Gulnaz is scared and looks at Gazal. Dua says so it means Gazal plotted it? she asks Gazal why she didn’t want Dadi to come back home? I can answer for you. Haider says what’s going on now? He asks Gazal to speak up, why were you stopping Dadi from coming back home? Dua says she can’t answer you but Dadi will expose the truth. Rahat says the time for talk has ended, we have to leave now. Dua says at least hear what Dadi has to say and then decide. They all go in the lounge. Dua tells Dadi that I kept telling them why I got Ruhaan arrested but they didn’t trust me.. tell them the truth. Dadi says I will tell the truth.. all truth. Gazal and Gulnaz are scared. Gulnaz says I am sure Dua has influenced Dadi, we shouldn’t listen to her. Haider says one minute.. he asks Dadi to speak up. Gulnaz is scared for Ruhaan. Haider asks Dadi to not be scared, what did Ruhaan do that made Dua get him arrested? Dadi says I can’t even tell what he did.. I can’t imagine that my Ruhaan could do that.. you all think Dua is Ruhaan’s enemy and I didn’t trust Dua also. She kept saying that Ruhaan wants to kill Haider but I didn’t believe her and otherside Ruhaan was hiding to ambush Haider and.. kill him. All are shocked to hear that. Dadi says that’s why Dua got Haider arrested so he would be protected by the police. We all thought Dua was wrong but she was just protecting you. That’s why when you and Hina left, Ruhaan came there and he was like a devil with a gun.. he shot Dua in front of me and Gulnaz.. all are shocked. Dadi says Ravi and Hafeez stopped him before he could hurt Dua. Ravi says Dadi is right, Ruhaan had a gun and tried to kill Haider.. I tried to stop him but I couldn’t. Then I called Dua and told her that Ruhaan is coming to Haider.. that’s why she got you arrested so Ruhaan couldn’t attack you. Kaynaat recalls how Dua was calling the police to protect Haider.. she thinks I was wrong in judging Dua.. I said so many bad things about her without even thinking. Gazal thinks this shouldn’t have happened.. if Haider finds out that Ruhaan did all that because of me then he won’t spare me. Haider is in shock and says my Ruhaan.. my life.. he wanted to take my life? this can’t be true.. Dadi cries and says no. Haider shouts to say that you are lying. Dadi says I wish it was a lie.. Haider says I raised him like a son and he wanted to kill me? He gets dizzy but Dua holds him and cries. She says I knew you couldn’t bear the truth that’s why I didn’t want to tell you but I had to expose him.. don’t worry we will bring Ruhaan on the right track. You know the truth now so please don’t leave me and this house, please change your decision. Haider looks away. Dua says you still don’t believe me? Haider recalls how he promised Hina that she won’t have to stay with Dua anymore. Haider thinks I know Dua isn’t lying.. I trust her more than myself, Dadi and Ravi are telling the truth but I can’t change my decision, the fate doesn’t want us together.. all these people have become Dua’s enemies.. I have to leave for her safety and Hina’s mental peace. Our relationship has given so much pain to Dua so its better if we just separate. Haider sadly looks at her and recalls how all family members went against Dua and kept hurting her. He thinks my family has done injustice with Dua.. we don’t deserve you. He pushes Dua away from him and says I don’t trust you. All are surprised hearing that. Haider says Ruhaan can never try to kill me and you all are lying, I will never believe this. Dua says you don’t even trust Dadi’s words? Haider says no.. Dadi says what? Haider says you all are lying, you are on Dua’s side and I don’t trust her anymore. Ravi says you are wrong. Haider says stay out of it, you are taking her side because you think she is your sister.. don’t you dare lying to me. Dua says you are wrong, please try to understand us. Haider says enough.. you won and we lost but you won’t have to bear us anymore, my family won’t bother us anymore. You can keep this house and this business.. we will leave you. Gazal is surprised and thinks if Haider believed Dua today then she would have lost everything. Gulnaz whispers that we are losing this house so do something. Gazal says Dua isn’t selfish to let us come on the road. Haider starts leaving with the family but Dua stops him and says don’t forget that I have done a lot for this relationship too.. I thought I did something wrong that you didn’t trust my words.. our relationship died before and today you buried it.. sadly you are not my Haider anymore. Haider thinks I am sorry but I have to leave you Dua. Haider says you aren’t my Dua too. Goodbye. They both sadly look at each other. He turns to leave but Gazal stops him and says we still have something unfinished. Dua already said that your relationship ended but we should formally end it so we don’t have to go through this again. She asks Dua to sign the divorce papers and end this matter. Dua looks on.

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The episode ends.