Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th December 2023 Written Episode Update


Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Hina comes and slaps Dua. She says how dare you do this to my daughter. You took my Haider’s business and now taking Gazal’s home? Why don’t you let us live? Haider says what are you doing ammi? Gazal recalls crying to her. Hina recalled times when she fought with Dua. Gazal said you must remember that Dua is gonna harm me. She says then write on my hand. It will remind me. Haider says what are you doing ami? you need rest. We’ve got to kick her out of this place. Hina picks a knife and says I will kill myself if you try to ask Gazalt to leave this house. Everyone asks her to stop. Hina says Gazal will live here or I will kill myself. Dua has ruined Gazal’s life. Do yu care about your mom’s life? Haider says yes. She says then don’t kick Gazal out. Hina says if you want me to die, then let it be. Dua stops Hina.

Gazal says ammi please don’t risk your life from me. Hina says let me die. Sheslits her wrist. Everyone is shocked. Haider cries and says ammi please stop it. She can live here. Hina says swear on me. Haider says I swear. Hina faints. They pick her up. Gazal says to Dua see I won again. This happens every time. Dua says you’re such an idiot. You can never make a place in this house. Haider hates you. He knows you tried to kill his mom. Ruhaan hates you. Everyoen hates you here. How will you live with so much hate? No one will let you live in this house. We will take revenge for everything you’ve done. We’ll keep showing you your place. You’re the doormat here. Gazal tries to run. she locks herself. Dua says she won’t back out like this. We’ve to be careful. Haider says yes. She will try to manipulate mom for sure. Dua says you are right.

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Hina takes out the broom and says who will save you from me? You demon. She hits with a broom. Hina says I kept considering you my daughter and you did this. Hina hits her. Everyoen knows at the door. Hina tries to run. She oens the doors. Haider asks was she trying to harm you? Gulnaaz says it looks other way round. Ruhaan says she was beaten from a broom. Hamida says let me get salt. Hina looks at Gazal in anger.  Hina  says I need to complete something that was left incomplete.

Episode ends

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