Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua is hurt because Haider wants to leave the house


Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Haider tells the family that I gave this house and business to Dua so she doesn’t have to leave, we all will leave the house. All are shocked. Hina says where will we go? Haider says it doesn’t matter, Dua owns this house and you all can’t live with her so we will leave the house. Gazal thinks I can’t let him do that. Gazal says where will we go? don’t do this. Haider says I told you to stay out of it, I don’t need your input. Gulnaz says how can we leave the house? where will we even go? I know why Dua took everything from us, she wanted to bring us on the road. Hina cries and says this dayan took everything from us. Haider says stop cursing Dua.. she didn’t ask anyone to leave, its my decision to leave the house, anyone who wants to come with me can pack their bags otherwise they can choose their fate. He tells Dua that I gave up everything to you and today I am leaving everything to you. Dua says don’t do this please. Haider thinks I can’t stay back as my family will keep being cruel with her, it was our fate but I can at least keep her safe like this, I wish she get happiness again. He starts leaving from there, Dua cries and pleads with him to stop but he doesn’t and goes to his room. All family members angrily leave. Dua falls down and cries. Hafeez consoles her.

Rahat is stressed, Gulnaz is packing her bags and says why do we need to leave the house? my kids have right on this house too. Rahat says we lost the right on this house when Haider gave it to Dua.. Gulnaz says where will we even go? there has to be someway to stop Dua.

Dua is crying in her room, Hafeez consoles her but Dua says everything is destroyed, Gazal snatched everyone from me. Hafeez says God will show you the way. Dua says no.. everything is finished, nobody even trusts me anymore and you lost your love too because of me. Hafeez says I am happy to end things with that shameless girl, she doesn’t deserve my love. Dua says don’t you say that for Kaynaat, she is a nice girl. Hafeez says I don’t want to even see her face now, he angrily leaves.

Rahat calls Kaynaat and Hina. He tells Hina that Kaynaat was having an affair with Hafeez. Hina is shocked and says how could you fall in love with a goon like him? he has no manners, thank God you didn’t get married to him. Rahat says you have brought shame to us. Kaynaat cries and says I am sorry.. I didn’t know he was like that. I did a mistake. Haider comes there and says how can you insult a beautiful feeling like love by calling it a mitake? you and your love isn’t wrong and that guy Hafeez isn’t wrong either. Rahat says what are you saying? Haider says I can observe people and I know Hafeez is the best guy for her. Kaynaat is shocked and says even after all that, you are taking Hafeez’s side? Haider says I am taking my sister’s side and I love her a lot. He says we can find anything in world but not true love.. don’t lose it because of the situation, love him and he will keep you very happy. Hina says are you crazy? didn’t you see what his sister did with us? Haider says we can’t judge Hafeez because of the situation, he isn’t a bad guy. Hina says what’s wrong with you? they have brought us on the road and you still take their side. She gets asthma attack. Haider gives her inhaler and tells Kaynaat to pack her bags. She goes from there. Haider starts packing Hina’s bags. Hina says she won afterall, she took everything from us, she even sntached our honor and sent us to jail. She asks him to sit with her and cry over their fate as Dua destroyed them. Haider says no one destroyed anyone. Gazal comes there and asks Haider to stop it. He says what happened? you don’t want to leave luxuries? I know you will say that you have a right on this house as you are my wife.. I told you already that if you want to come with me then fine otherwise you can decide your fate. He tries to leave but she says I am not Dua, I will stay on the footpath if you ask me to. I have already packed my bags and I am going to leave with you anytime. I just wanted to ask you to rest and eat something. I will start packing so don’t worry. Hina smiles and says she is the real wife, thank God she came in our lives otherwise Dua would have killed us all, I curse her to death. Haider asks her to calm down. Gazal hints at Gulnaz and tells Hina that she will bring something to eat. She goes from there.

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Gazal comes to Gulnaz, Gulnaz says I made a deal with you to get rights for my kids but you couldn’t stop Dua, we are losing everything and you are silent. Gazal asks her to calm down and take deep breathes, she says Dua’s weakness is that she is a good person, she won’t let us leave the house. Gulnaz says you are wrong, she won’t beg us to stay. Gazal says you are wrong, she won’t let this family come on the roads. I saw her packing her bags, I am sure she will leave the house before Haider can take us all out. Gulnaz says I don’t believe that and I am sure Haider won’t let her leave. Gazal says I know how to control Haider.

Haider and others bring their bags to the lounge. Haider asks where is Dadi and Noor? Gulnaz says Dadi went to Dargah and I have sent Noor to get her so don’t worry. Hina cries and says I thought this would be my life and I will leave this house only after my death. Haider turns to see Dua and thinks I want to see her one last time before leaving the house. She doesn’t come so Haider says lets leave. Gazal gets stressed and thinks Dua has to stop him. Haider opens the door and Dua standing there with Dadi and Noor. Gulnaz gets scared that Dadi will expose the truth now.

The episode ends.