Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 9th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Ravi’s condition gets worse


Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 9th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Pratiksha sees the mangalsutra. Nurse says it was in his hands, he wasn’t leaving it. Kaviya says to Mandip you’re losing your power. You’ve to take a step. She can even kick you out of our own house. Manvi says Kaviya is right. You will need her permission to meet Ravi now. Kaviya says she tried to hurt your ego. She didn’t listen to you. Kaviya says you will lose your own home. Kaviya sas what will she do if she kicks you out. Everyone is on her side. You should look for oldage home. I can look one for you. Mandip says shut up Kaviya. That’s my home. I will teach her a lesson and kick me out of my home. I will suffocate her so much. I will be her MIL now. The one who won’t let her breathe.

Pratiksha does arti for Ravi. She prays for him. Viper looks for Ravi. Pratiksha says if you exist God bring my ravi back. I will stay here and pray for him. I will see how long you wont’ bring my Ravi back. You’ve to give me my blessing back. Viper sees Pratiksha in the temple. The nurse tells Pratiksha we need more blood for Ravi. Pratiksha says take my blood please. Dolly says Mandip will create so much drama in the house. This will be fun. she asks manvi where are you going? She says we’re both in the same team. We’re with kaviya.

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Pratiksha asks the nurse. The nurse says your blood group didn’t match with his. We are trying to arrange it. Pratiksha says will he be okay? She says yes he will be fine. don’t worry. Pratiksha thinks about her moments with Ravi. viper goes from there. He doesn’t see Pratiksha. Manvi says don’t mess with me Dolly. Dolly says I am in your team. She says Ravi only cares about Pratiksha. Kaviya asks Manvi have you seen Mandip? She says she went there. DOlly says focus on your husband. Kaviya says stop it. Viper looks around for Pratiksha. they come outside Ravi’s ICY. Pratiksha sees them. She’s shocked. she stops Viper from going inside. Pratiksha says wants to harm Ravi again. He says the heroin is here as well. She says you couldn’t harm me then and now. You are usless. You couuldn’t even complete his mission either. Viper says shut up. She says you failed. I won, see I am standing here in front of you. Wanna give another filmy dialogue? You are the plastic mop viper actually. He says shut up. She says your goons must be laughing at you. Viper says yyou will die today. Pratiksha runs.

Eipsode ends

Precap-Ravi says to Pratiksha you came to this house for revenge. You did it, congrats. Pratiksha says you can’t accuse me like this. He punches the wall in angerr.