Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mandip gets exposed


Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 8th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Pratiksha comes there. Mandip says ask Pratiksha, she added poison in the food. She says you confessed it outside Pratiksha. She said she added poison in the food. Pratiksha says I was.. Mandip says don’t get back off your words. Dadi asks Pratiksha to go. She says Mandip I didn’t want to call you out in front of her. Mandip says you can never trust me. Dadi says she was asking you to go to room and rest. You gave her a condition to say it if she wants you to rest. She was forced. She said it so you can rest. I was just there. She said it just to send you to rest. Mandip says what are you saying. Biji says she just wanted to rest and you did this. Don’t misuse her goodwill. Amar says enough. Not anymore of this discussion.

Kaviya sees milk in Pratiksha’s hand. She asks where are you going? Pratiksha says taking to my husband. ravi asked for it. Kaviya says you can’t do this. Pratiksha ignores her. Pratiksha brings milk for Ravi. He says what happens after it? Pratiksha comes near him and says drank it all in one breath? He says yeah I am thirsty. Ravi comes close to Pratiksha. kaivya was imaginging all this. She screams. Pratiksha asks what hapepned. Kaviya says she’s taking this for mandip not Ravi. Kaviya says but they will be together. Biji says to Mandip she asked you to rest. Amar says please rest. Pratiksha gives her milk. Madnip says don’t give me orders. Biji says you can’t see the good in her. Drink it. Mandip says she’s done magic on you all. She added something in the food. Amar says she did nothing. Biji heard everything. Mandip wants to prove you wrong. Mandip says don’t associate me with hre. Biji says drink milk adn rest. Amar says to Pratiksha you have a very big heart. God bless you. She says my mom always said never take anything personally in relationships. Mandip says go from here now.

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Dadi gives Pratiksha high five. she says I gave Mandip orders because of you. I am so happy. Pratiksha says don’t bother my MIL. Amar says Pratiksha you will soon know people are not what they look. Like dadi is 15. She looks old. Biji says at least I am not bitter like Mandip. She says soon you will win her heart.She has a soft heart under biterness.

Scene 2
Ravi tries to sleep on sofa. Pratiksha comes there. Ravi says why do I feel so nervous when she’s around. Pratiksha covers his blanket. Ravi pretends to fall down. She says you fell down. He says I am fine. My phone fell. Pratiksha says you can sleep on the bed if you want so you don’t fall again. He says since when did you start caring? She says you did so much for me. This can be a small thank you. He says so we’re friends now? She says yes.

Manvi comes to Mandip. Mandip says I called you. Manvi says you don’t look well. Mandip says Pratiksha is the real poison in my life. She’s ordering me around, everyone is on her side. I have no power in this house anymore. She’s taking my place. Manvi says now you can see. She says Biji scolded me because of her. Manvi says she will take everything in the house as DIL. Kaviya says also has a wife. Pratiksha says to Ravi i can sleep on the couch. He says iit’s okay. We can make a borther with pillows. Pratiksha sleeps next to Ravi.

Episode ends

Precap-The food is very spicy. Pratiksha gives Ravi honey. Kaviya says Ravi is allergic to honey do you wanna kill him? Pratiksha says Kaviya wants to bring me down so she does these things. Kaviya says prove it.