Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 7th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ravi identifies Pratiksha as his wife

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Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 7th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Manvi telling that they shall start the game with Amardeep. Amardeep is blindfolded and goes on to identify his wife. He identifies Mandeep. Manvi takes out the chit and asks Amardeep to tell poetry for Mandeep. Amardeep tells Poetry. Next Rahul turns comes. Malini asks Pratiksha to come and stand with them. Pratiksha refuses, but Kinjal makes her stand with the ladies in line. Rahul identifies wrong lady as his wife. Manvi takes out chit and asks him to do sits up 10 times infront of his wife. Rahul is about to do sit ups infront of the lady whom he had identified. Beeji and Amar says your wife. He does the sit ups. Next turn comes of Ravi. Pratiksha is upset that Ravi will identify Kavya with the red rose smell. Kinjal asks what happened? Pratiksha tells Kinjal about Kavya’s trick to win best couple award. Ravi is blindfolded and goes to Kavya. He gets the flower smell and goes from there. He then walks to Pratiksha straight and touches her face surprising everyone. Pratiksha is surprised too. Kinjal smiles. Kavya cries. Ravi says this is my wife..she is my dharam patni. He opens his blind fold and sees Pratiksha. The lady says she is not your wife, now you will be punished with Pratiksha. Ravi accepts his punishment. Manvi says I will take out his chit. Dadi says I will take out his chit. She picks the red chit and then takes another’s chit. She asks him to dance with Pratiksha, according to the chit. Ravi says ok. He bends down on his knees and gives his hand. Pratiksha holds his hand. They dance. Kavya gets upset and goes. Dadi takes off bad sight from them. Mandeep and Manvi are upset.

Kinjal feels some blast is going to happen. Kavya comes to her room, takes the divorce papers and keeps it in her purse. Manvi comes there and asks what happened? Kavya says Ravi had identified me but then went to Pratiksha. Kinjal comes there. Kavya says Ravi loves Pratiksha and is ready to do anything with her. She says if he goes near her, then he will call our marriage as illegal. She says she will break their marriage illegally. Ravi and Pratiksha end their dance. Malini tells Mandeep that Ravi and Pratiksha are looking as made for each other. Pratiksha goes from there. Ravi comes to Pratiksha and apologizes for getting married to her forcibly. He says he feels that she can become his friend, partner and wife. He asks if she felt the same thing which he felt. Pratiksha refuses to answer him and asks if I am your wife, then what Kavya is doing here. He asks her to accept if she feels or not. Pratiksha asks her, why don’t she accept infront of everyone that I am your wife. Ravi asks if you feel bad. She says she don’t care and goes. Ravi thinks he shall go and tell her that he don’t feel for her. Kavya comes to him and asks Manvi to make the arrangements. Ravi excuses himself.

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Mandeep and Manvi come to each other while talking on phone. Mandeep taunts Pratiksha. Manvi asks her what she wants to do. Pratiksha asks if you are unhappy that I didn’t get Kavya arrested. She says I have left her today, but will not leave her next time. Mandeep says I am your Saas and you shall be in your limits. Pratiksha says if you are my saas then why you wanted Ravi to kiss Kavya. She says she knows their plan. She asks how she can do wrong being the head of the house. She says you should have made Kavya understand by refusing for the marriage. She says you might have understood that I am following the manners and limits.

Episode ends.