Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Mandip slaps Pratiksha


Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 7th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Kaviya says how did that girl win? She’s very lucky. Ravi loves her. Ravi is with her. They will get everything. Ravi is dying to see herr. She says mom we did everything yet they’re together. I am over. Manvi says relax. Nothing is over. Don’t lose your mmind and give up like this. You have disappointed me. You are so brave. Kaviya says it’s over. Manvi says I won’t let you give up. She says can you see Ravi and Pratiksha together? No right. You have to part them both. You know what to do. Kaviya says yes. You are right. I’ve to do something. it’s time. I will put an end to that Pratiksha

Pratiksha comes outside Ravi’s room. She cries looking at him. Pratiksha says it all happened because of me. They wanted to kill me but you got shot instead of me. I am responsible. Manvi says this girl is a curse. Ravi is in this condition because of her. She has ruined our lives. Biji says what are you saying? Mandip says Manvi is right. I was blinded by Ravi’s emotion. I won’t let this curse go near my son. She did magic on my son. She’s Ravi’s mistake. She came after him for greed. She got us insulted in the society. She ruined everrything for us. We are against each other because of her. Biji sas it’s fate. Mandip says because of her curse my sons’ life is in daner. He’s my child. I wont’ let her go in knowing she’s a curse for my son. She can’t meet him. Pratiksha says please let me meet him once. Mandip says no you can’t meet my son. Pratiksha says he’s my husband and I will meet him. Mandip slaps Pratiksha Biji shouts.

Scene 2
Kaviya calls Viper. He doesn’t pick. Kaviya comes to Viper. She says why didn’t you pick my call?> He says I am not your servant. I will pay you double. Kill that Pratiksha. Viper says I’ve no interest. She’s your problem not mine. Kaviya says she’s your problem as well. She saved Ravi. She is his shield. Kill that Pratiksha and leave my Ravi alone. Viper says don’t mess with me.

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Mandip says now you will cry that I slapped you. Will you call police on me? Pratiksha says yes I said I will call policce but the motherr in front of me is scared for her child. If you did all this to harm me I wouold have called police. In front of me is a mother who is in pain. I wish I could ease your pain. i can’t breathe since I got to know about his condition. You’re his mom. I know what are you going through. You’re like my own mom. Biji says see her heart. She cares for you.

Viper’s man says she’s not wrong. Ravi won’t let killed until Pratiksha is killed. We had to kill both. We will take money from her and kill Pratiksha and then kill Ravi a well. Viper accepts Kaviya’s offer. Manvi says you must have fooled Ravi the same way. Pratiksha says I know what you’re tyring to do. Don’t use your brain here. We’re in pain. Manvi says I don’t want you to go to Ravi either. Mandip says I won’t let you go in. Pratiksha says I will go no one can stop me. Mandip says you can’t show me this attitude. Get out of here.. I will kick her out of Ravi’s life. Pratiksha says enough. I’ve listened to enough because I respect you as my MIL. She says I wont’ even say hi to you. I won’t let your curse come near my son. Pratiksha says he’s my husband and no one can take him away from me. I know he’s your son but husband and wife is a pure relationship as well. You can’t stop me from going to Ravi. Mandip says I will stop you. Amar says you wont’. No one will stop Pratiksha today.

Episode ends

Precap-Pratiksha prays for Ravi. Ravi makes Pratiksha wear manggalsutra. Mandip says now I will become a DIL who won’t let Pratiksha breathe.