Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Kinjal plays Kaviya’s plan on her


Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 5th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Pratiksha says rest here, you will feel better. She goes to change. Pratiksha thinks about Ravi. He sleeps on the bed. Pratiksha says what is this feeling. Adi asks Kinjal how did you get the bruise? She heard Amaira and Kaviya talking that they will add itching powder to her dress. She will have to wear it. Kinjal heard and she chaged the dress. Adi says to Kinjal I didn’t like you before but now I do. She says you are looking around. He says you’re getting possessive? He says Ravi asked me to take care of you. She says I don’t need you to take care of me. Kaviya’s dress itches. She screams. Amaira says what happened? Manvi says what? She throws her dupatta. Kaviya screams, she says it’s itching a lot. Manvi says I am sure kinjal did this. Amaira looks outside. Adi comes to Kinjal and says I am being nice because of Ravi. She says I am talking to you because of my brother. She says why are you coming after me? He says Ravi asked me to. He gives her first aid box and says I am done helping you. She says was this help? Go and flirt with the girls outside. He says she was pretty. Everyone isn’t like you. She says you’re speaking too much. He says I find you okay okay. Kinjal says I won’t leave him. She throws things at him.

Pratiksha changes and comes out. Ravi is asleep on the bed. She tries to wake him up. Pratiksha wears the dress and gets ready. Ravi looks at her. He helps her tie her blouse. Pratiksha looks at him. She says are you better now? He says thinking about you. I mean you keep bothering me. He says we’ve to go downstairs. She says you go, I will come myself. He says yeah I am going. She says sure go. Kinjal added itching powder to Kaviya’s dupatta. She calls someone and says Kaviya wont’ know our plan. Pratiksha will dance in ghunghat. Kaviya will be sitting on weighing scale. There will be a screen behind Pratiksha and it will say DIL. The media will capture Ravi and Pratiksha. Kaviya and Amaira hear it. Kaviya says to Manvi I will ruin Pratiksha’s plan. She will dance in a ghungat and get her munh dikhayi done. Iw ill backfire. I won’t sit on the weighing scale. I will dance and show myself as Randhawa DIL.

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Scene 2
Ravi comes downstairs. He asks Adi what’s happening? Adi says look at everyone. Ravi says they all look happy. Adi says Kinjal is so annoying. Ravi says not a word against my SIL. Adi says I feel childish around her. Ravi says I was seeing someone but I couldn’t stop looking at her. Adi says you can always have control. Ravi says I feel like she’s hypnotized me. She does magic. Adi says why would she? Ravi says she has done something. Adi says you’re in love with her. Ravi says no. Adi says all it is. He says she stole my heart? Ravi leaves.

Kinjal tells Pratiksha everything Amaira and Kaviya did. She says I changed the dress. Pratiksha says thank you Kinjal. She tells her everything about the next plan. Kinjal says she will dance like crazy. You should sit in the weighing scale. Pratiksha says the real DIL of this house would sit in the scale.

Episode ends

Precap: Mandeep welcomes guests and tells them about weigh balance ritual. Mandeep and everyone are shocked to see Pratiksha as the bride.