Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 31st August 2023 Written Episode Update: Mandip and Manvi come home


Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 31st August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Hansa comes. She says we didn’t get the bail. She asks the inspector. He says I am not the lawyer. Hansa says then don’t take sides. He says your behavior can stop you from meeting Pratiksha in future. Pratiksha says I am sorry inspector on her behalf.
Mandip opens eyes. She asks where is my family? The nnurse says they’re fine. they’re outside. Mandip asks am I okay? She says yes. Manvi is a little serious. She says please call my husband and son. Adi asks Ravi are you okay? He says yes. Adi says why are you in tears then? He says so much happened. Pratiksha was feeling so helpless. She was looking at me. Adi says she’s done nothing wrong. You feel her pain. Ravi says she wanted my help, she’s done so much for us and I didn’t stand up for her. I can never believe she can do anything like that. I should have said all that in front of her.

Amar comes to meet Mandip. She asks where is Ravi? Dolly says do you wanna file a case against Pratiksha as well? She says you are not wrong. But I want to talk to Ravi. I love Ravi a lot. I am proud of him. I will talk to him only. Amar says to Ravi your mom is calling you. Ravi goes with him. Hansa says to inspector we all have relatives. Do you have a relative whose truth changed you? Someone who gave you love in return of hate. He says no. Hansa says hence you can’t understand that. I always hated this girl but she always loved me. So much love that she changed me. I started loving her. Ravi comes to Mandip. He says thank God you’re okay. mandip says I am really proud of you. Ravi says what have I done? She says I am proud of your behavior. Pratiksha manipulated you so much but you stood with your family. I am so proud of you. Ravi hugs her. Amar hugs them as well. Mandip says I wanna go home. Ravi says you’re not well. She says I am fine. Please take me home. Talk to the doctor. Ravi says I will. Mandip says I won finally. My son will always be mine.

Hansa says she’s more than my real daughter. I will be her mother. I’ve to get her justice. I can’t get her out of jail. Pratiksha says don’t say that. Hansa says I don’t know what to do. The lawyer said he can’t get us the bail. You chachu is looking for another lawyer. Pratiksha says don’t worry everything will be fine. Hansa says when? Amar asks the doctor if they can take Mandip home. He says she’s not well. Ravi says she will feel better. The doctor says you will have to take a nurse with them. Pratiksha says to Hansa I am sorry you’re going through all this. Hansa says don’t say sorry. Learn to fight for yourself. Show them your real place. You’re right, why would you apologize to anyone.

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Scene 2
Mandip comes home. Dadi says she looks better than before. But why did you bring Manvi home? She’s not well. Dolly says the nurse is with her. Ravi asks Mandip are you okay? Biji cries. Amar says don’t cry Biji. She says I am not crying. Amar wipes her tears and says no no you don’t cry. Dolly saays they both love each other. Show love. Kaviya comes there and says why is Kinjal here? I wanna break her face. Ravi says she’s here to meet me. stop it. He asks Mandip to rest. he says I’ve to look into something. Mandip says you can go where you want but that Pratiksha shouldn’t be seen in this house again. She’s gone forever. Ravi says take care mom. KAviya says I feel like Ravi won’t do what you said. He’d go against you. Mandip says he wont’ go against me after seeing me in this condition.

Kinjal and Ravi check everything in he kitchen. Everything is fine. Kinjal says so you mean Pratiksha added something? he says no no. I mean someone did something. Kinjal says are you accuisng my sister well? He says no. I am something was added for sure. He sees powder on the floor. he says what is this? What was in this packet? Ravi asks Kinjal to go to Pratiksha. He says I will come later. Ravi says Kaivya why are you peeking in? What’s the secret of this packet? Kaviya is scared.

Episode ends

Precap-Ravi says to the inspector you didn’t even investigate this case. Manvi says my daughter is this house’s DIL but she’s not getting her right. And she wont’ until that Pratiksha is here. Mandip says she’s gone forever. Manvi says no. Ravi is gone to police station to bring her back. Mandip says my son can never do that. Ravi comes in with Pratiksha.