Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 28th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Teej festival starts


Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 28th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Kaviya collides with Pratiksha. She says say sorry, don’t you have manners. Pratiksha says I will only celebrate now. I don’t even care about winning. This is my house and what competition on teej. Kaviya says be blunt that you are scared. Pratiksha leaves. Pratiksha leaves. Kaviya holds her hand. Pratiksha says behave yourself. Kaviya says you said you won’t fight. Pratiksha says I won’t tolerate this behavior. Kaviya says you’ve bothered me a lot. Kaviya says you wore Ravi’s favorite color? Pratiksha says don’t ruin my good day. Kaviya says this isn’t your family or husband. They are all mine. I feel so bad for you. You’ve no one, you’re so lucky. You will see today that Ravi is just mine. Only I am his dharam patni. I have a class and status but you’ve nothing. I will celebrate with Ravi today as a couple. You will realize I am his wife.

Kinjal tells a gir how they celebrate teej in village. She says we used to have biggest swing. Adi says it must be. Kinjal says to Ravi I will make your teej very colorful as well. She says to Adi yours too. Adi says you look very cute. She says thank you.. Pratiksha’s paranda hits Ravi’s face. She says comes close to see his eye. He steps back. Pratiksha sees his eye. She caresses his eye. Kaviya looks at them and gets angry. Mandip asks Amar where are the florist and band? He says you look very pretty. Ravi says Pratiksha thanks. She says you helped me and I helped you, it’s even. He says I got your bail done, left my meeting. It’s not even. He holds her hand. Ravi says I was wrong that you have a heart. Kaviya comes to Pratiksha and says what were you were doing here? You go near her. Pratikshasays you haveno confidence on him? Kaviya says I trust him. He loves me. You come in between for no reason. Pratiksha says you can keep crying. I will do what I want. Don’t even drag my hand again. I will stay happy today, you can do what you want. She leaves.

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Sccene 2
Kaviya’s friend coems. She says I hate that Pratiksha. Her friend says don’t take stress. Kaviya says she challenged me and said I will not be in Ravi’s life. Herr friend says don’t woryr about her. Let me get ready and we will make everyone laugh on her. Manvi asks Mandip who do yo want as Ravi’s wife? Mandip says our Kaviya only. Manvi says Ravi and Pratiksha are coming close. Mandip says that’s not possible. She says they fight but they care for each other. This will be too bad for KAviya. You’ve to take Ravi away from Kaviya. Mandip says okay.

Amar says to Ravi the band isn’t here. Adi says let’s play games.. Let’s play musical chair. Ravi hosts and wishes everyone happy teej. Ravi says let’s play a musical chair game and the winner will have a price. Kaviya says the winner will get to hug you. Ravi says I don’t mind that. Adi says I will be the monitor. Kaviya says to Pratiksha Ravi willl hug me only. Pratiksha says you will see. Kaviya says I will so happy to see you angry. Kinjal says to Pratiksha I won’t let her win. Pratiksha says I dont’ wanna play. DAdi says no we want to see you. Kinjal says you will win. Manvi and Mandip tell Kaviya they will help her win.

Episode ends