Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Mandeep’s shocking move against Pratiksha

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Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kavya asking Inspector which couple carry marriage certificate. She says we got married yesterday and came for honeymoon today. Inspector says I didn’t ask you. He asks Ravi to give his family member’s and says if they say that you are married to her then you are free to go. Ravi gives the family member’s number. Inspector says he will call. Kavya asks him why he didn’t call the lawyer. Ravi says the matter will be handled once the family member came. Manvi asks Mandeep why she stopped her. Mandeep says I have copy of the photos and says I did this to trouble her. Manvi says I thought you will do everything, but. She says wrong thing have happened with Kavya, and she is suffering due to Ravi’s revenge marriage. She asks Mandeep to make everything fine. She says you have said that you will wipe her sindoor in 24 hours, but we can kick her before 24 hours. Mandeep says it is not easy. Manvi says we shall force her to leave, we shall torture her and make her uncomfortable so that she leaves from here.

Mandeep says I can’t torture her. Manvi says I am not saying about hindi films torture and shares her plan. Mandeep gets tensed and says she can never think of it. Manvi says that’s why I thought. She asks if you are sure that we shall do this. Mandeep agrees. Manvi comes to Pratiksha’s room. Pratiksha throws the torn photos in the dustbin. Manvi says Mandeep called you. Pratiksha asks if she wanted to teach me a lesson, and tells that she is ready for the attack and the counter attack. She says if I don’t like the lesson taught by you both, then I will teach you a big lesson. She comes to the hall. Mandeep throws water on Pratiksha’s hairline from the upper floor with the bucket. Pratiksha stands shocked as the water is poured on her head with a bucket, wiping her sindoor. Beeji, Amardeep and Parul look shocked.

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Amardeep asks what she has done. Mandeep says I saw her tearing Ravi and Kavya’s photos and it broke my heart. Pratiksha tells them about Mandeep’s words to wipe her sindoor in 24 hours. She says I have torn the photos, and tells that she will get their photo shoot and the photos will be best, but can be overdo the marriage which Ravi did with me. She tells that if you can return my old life back, if you throw me to my house, then will people stop calling me abandoned wife and other names. She says I will deal with you, and tells that I will return Ravi’s old wife to him, but if he will return my old life to me. Beeji argues with Mandeep and tells that Pratiksha is Ravi’s wife. Mandeep argues with her and asks why she don’t support her.

Beeji says I would have supported you if you was right. Manvi asks Beeji if you had gone to Ravi and Pratiksha’s marriage. Mandeep says no and tells that she saw Ravi and Kavya’s marriage. She says your sindoor is wiped as Kavya deserved it. She says you are not my son’s dharampatni and says Kavya is his wife. She says if you felt bad, then I am not sorry. She shows the door and says you can go now itself. She says you will be hurt when you see them united and come back as one. She says you can tell anyone that I have done this. Parul feels bad. Pratiksha says you will tell the world that Ravi is married to me, and I am this house bahu, and says the Kavya whom you are calling as your bahu, will call her as my sister. Mandeep says it will be your dream. Pratiksha challenges her.

Episode ends.