Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Pratiksha and Ravi does the Maha Aarti

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Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 22nd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Hansa reminding Prateik of his promise made to Mota bhai and bhabhi, and tells that Pratiksha couldn’t get marry in a good house, but what is Kinjal’s mistake in this. She says we shall get Kinjal married and keep Pratiksha away from all this. Pratiksha hears and asks what to hide. Prateik asks if you are fine? Pratiksha says yes. Hansa tells her that Chacha has grastic problem. She asks her to go and do shringar of Shiv ji and Parvati ji. Prateik says you lied and made me lie also. Hansa tells him that she will get Kinjal married and will not get Pratiksha hurt. Prateik thinks Hansa will get Kinjal married, like she married me.

Kaya is wiping the tilak and says why it is not getting wiped. Pandit ji says beautiful Jodi is Shiv and Parvati, this tilak is of their names, and tells that it is on his forehead or say destiny. Ravi asks Kavya to stop it and says you are hurting me. He says you heard what Pandit ji said, it is Shiv ji’s blessings, and asks her to stop hurting him. Kavya says I am hurting you, and says I was much hurt when you went and married Pratiksha, asks didn’t you see my pain then? Pratiksha comes there and hears them. Mandeep says Kavya is right and says that girl is inauspicious, and has snatched Keerti and also tried to snatch Kavya, but we saved her. Pratiksha hears and gets angry. She recalls Ravi marrying her forcibly and then abandoning her.

Kinjal searches for Pratiksha and says Maha aarti is going to start. Hansa says that aunty liked you, and says I have to make you meet her husband. She asks her to act sanskari with them. Kinjal asks what happened? Hansa says she got her heart on you. Kinjal asks of her husband? Hansa says for her son. Pandit ji tells that tandav is starting, so that they can start the maha aarti. Tandav starts. Ravi and Kavya start the aarti. Pratiksha folds her hands before the Gods. She starts dancing. Manvi hopes that no trouble shall come in Ravi and Kavya’s marriage. She says may be Keerti and Ravi was not destined to unite. Mandeep sees Pratiksha doing tandav, while the devotees do the tandav behind her. Ravi thinks I have taken revenge from your murderer, but I am still not at peace, today I will marry your sister and says he is not happy as he love just her. The younger Pandit ji feel the storm and thinks what will happen today. Pratiksha comes inside the temple. Ravi thinks why I am thinking about Pratiksha, when I am marrying Kavya. Kavya thinks I reached you, nobody can stop me from reaching you, she thinks for a moment even Keerti was her enemy but she didn’t want her to die, but she left, and then Pratiksha came, but even she went, and our tilak happened infront of uher and she couldn’t do anything, as your Jodi is with her. Just then some oil from the aarti falls on her hand and she goes from there. Mandeep asks can we stop the aarti for sometime. Pandit ji says we can’t stop it midway, let it continue. Ravi’s hand shakes up as the aarti is heavy. Pratiksha holds the aarti and does it. Ravi is shocked. Mandeep is angry. They complete the aarti. Pandit ji says Shiv ji and Parvati ji have blessed this couple and tells that her karm and his dharam will make her his dharam patni. Ravi is shocked and looks at Pratiksha. Mandeep is angry.

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Kavya says my hand is burnt, and washes her hand. Manvi asks why did you look at Ravi, your hand is burnt. Kavya says Pratiksha came to temple and says something happens and Ravi goes behind her. Manvi says whenever you go behind him, something happens. Kavya says I feel happy, when I am with him, and says this will be fine. She says if Pratiksha sees Ravi alone, then she will do aarti with him. Manvi says Pratiksha did aarti with Ravi. Kavya says I will not leave her. Manvi says you left from temple and says that girl held the diya else it would have fallen down. Kavya says that girl is dreaming to be owner of the house, and tells that she will not be at peace until she moves her away from her way.

Mandeep asks where are you lost? Ravi says nowhere. Mandeep asks him not to let anything wrong come in his mind, as he is getting married to Kavya today. She stops Pratiksha.

Hansa tells Kinjal that her alliance will be fixed. Kinjal says why? Hansa says you think me as chudail chachi, but I regard you as my daughter. She asks her to go and meet them. Kinjal says I don’t want to marry. Hansa tries to convince her. Kinjal says I will go and refuse her. Hansa asks why you don’t like this alliance, if you like someone else. Kinjal says no. Hansa says the guy, and his parents are good, and the guy is going to Dubai in few days. She says gold is cheap there, and says everything is going fine, then why you are in tension. Kinjal says how to make my house, when Prati di’s marriage have broken 2 days back. Mandeep asks Pratiksha to have sweets, as today is Ravi and Kavya’s new life going to start, and tells that the God has blessed them, she will get them married grandly. She asks if you are not happy with this good news, and says now I understand your dreams are broken and smiles. Pratiksha says I don’t have any dreams, and says someone is not happy, look at your son, he is very sad. Mandeep asks her to mind her language. Pratiksha says I was going, but you stopped me. She says what you said that the joda got blessings and asks which joda. She reminds her that Kavya left the aarti and she completed it. She takes the prasad and tells that she took it as it is prasad, and says happy mahashivratri.

Precap: Kavya asks Pratiksha what does she wants and says Ravi is fine, I am his fiancé and says this girl is ruining life. Pratiksha says today I took Shakti’s blessings.