Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ravi saves Pratiksha


Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Ravi looks at Pratiksha. He says to inspector please bail her out. Inspector says I don’t want any drama here. Pratiksha wakes up. Kinjal smiles. Kinjal says I am so happy. Ravi says to inspector would you let your wife be in jail like that? They lock him up as well. Mandip tells Amar Ravi is back here. Adi told him about Pratiksha. He left is meeting. He says what can we do?? Mandip says how can he run after Pratiksha. Kaviya has always loved Ravi. Amar says Pratiksha is also his wife. Let him handle it. Kaviya’s mom comes there and says Ravi shouldn’t have done that.

Inspector locks Ravi. He says don’t show this attitude to me. Now I will speak to you after tea. Pratiksha says you came here to save us? Ravi says what just happened. Pratiksha sayys you know how to make others angry. He says I came here to help. I was going to London. Adi told me you got arrested. If it was anyone else they would feel gratitude. I was feeling bad. You’re showing me this anger. This is the return we get. Pratiksha says I never asked you for help. She says Kinjal I told you to not get his help. Ravi says don’t shout at her. Pratiksha says she’s my sister. Ravi says you fight with people who love.. are your people. She says like Kaviya. Ravi says talk about us only. She says we both are nothing. Ravi says please change her sell. Pratiksha says change his cell. He doesn’t know how to resolve thigns. He only creates problems. Ravi says you know solutions right? Pratiksha recalls what he did. She says you made everything complicated. I don’t want to keep hurting myself.

Scene 2
Mandip says I wish Ravi didn’t do the mistake of marrying Pratiksha. Now he’s repeating the mistake by supporting her. Mavi says don’t say all that. Mandip says we’re losing everything. Manvi says be Kaviya’s DIL. Protect her. Make this teej special for her. She says we can go for shopping.

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Ravi and Pratiksha fight. Kinjal says please don’t fight here as well. Ravi says she fights. Inspector says go home and fight there. Your lawyer is here. He takes out all three of them. The lawyer asks them to sign the papers. Ravi says let’s go. He opens the door for Pratiksha. Ravi looks at her and smiles.

Scene 3
Mandip says this teej with be paranda themed. This will be very special. Manvi says Kaviya your MIL wants me to wear it as well. Mandip says new couples sit on a swing. Dadi says we will call singers. Mandip says the newly wed couple will stay together forever. Kaviya asks where is Ravi? Bijji says didn’t you tell Kaviya? Manvi says come with me I will tell you. Ravi comes outside with Pratiksha. Ravi says you could thank me. She says you could say sorry as well. You only know how to taunt. You can act like a good human. He says you can also be nice to me. She says you just keep changing pages and don’t care what happened in passt. The past haunts you. It’s the same story you wrote. You can’t fix things between us like this. I was arrested because of you.

Kaviya asks what’s going on? Mandip says he had to go to office. Kaviya says it’s fine. I will serve dinner. Mandip says I spoke to the constable. He said Pratiksha won’t get bail. I hope she doesn’t get the bail today. I want Kaviya to have the best teej. Biji says Ravi can tell her. Mandip says she gets hurt.
Ravi says how am I responsible for it? She says you are responsible for everything wrong in my life. You ruined my life. My sister considered you a good human but you forcefully married me and then left me on a road.

Episode ends